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Gray Institute offers an innovative approach to patient & client care called 3DMAPS: Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System. Learn more!


The applied functional science program offers movement professionals with a custom mobility approach for any range of functional needs. Learn more today!


GIFT is a functional science program, delivered by Gray Institute, that will equip members with ongoing education in the movement industry. Learn more today!

Chain Reaction®

The most successful seminar in the movement industry, Chain Reaction applies functional science for powerful exercise techniques. Learn more at Gray Institute!

Functional Soft Tissue Transformation

Designed for practitioners, the FSTT course is hands on to promote active learning. Learn how to transform your soft tissue through functional science at Gray Institute!


Live Function is a one day live seminar for a functional exercise program where the instructor may choose a topic of choice to present Learn more today!

Female Chain Reaction®

The Gray Institute® Female Chain Reaction course introduces you to the unique aspects of female biomechanics. It also equips you with the skills you need to provide effective treatment based on the scientific truth of Chain Reaction.

Active Aging

If you work with older or aging clients, you know they have unique needs. Active Aging equips you to provide older clients with world-class care.

Foot / Ankle

The feet and ankles are the foundation of the body. This specialization will fill in the gaps so you can treat and train effectively.

Functional Yoga System

The most comprehensive functional yoga training course, Functional Yoga System, is designed for the human body of today while celebrating the many ways traditional yoga gets it right.

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