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  • Are you tired of prescribing ineffective, nonfunctional methods to patients/clients?
  • Do you want to achieve better individualized outcomes for the people you serve?
  • Do you want to know how to solve the root causes of dysfunction in the body instead of treating symptoms?
  • Do you want to be your absolute best for those who’ve entrusted themselves to your care?
  • Do you want to get the CEU’s and specializations that will differentiate you from other movement professionals?
  • Do you want to keep growing in competence and confidence?

If so, Gray Institute® is here to help.

What is Applied Functional Science® ?

It’s frustrating when you’re doing your best to help a patient/client, but it feels like something’s missing.

We’ve spent the last 45 years helping over 250,000 movement professionals find the missing piece and experience breakthrough success.


  • Physical Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
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  • Chiropractors
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Coaches
  • Podiatrists
  • Physicians
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Vesna Pericevic Jacob

“Gray Institute® changes your perspective to the unlimited possibilities of human body. Once you start there is no turning back, Applied Functional Science® allows you to keep mastering your skill as a movement professional.”

–Vesna Pericevic Jacob

Kathleen Koenig

“Bridging people from all over the world, Gray Institute® has developed a path to learning and a way to start the journey of Applied Functional Science® (AFS) through developing online and live courses for all movement professionals.”

–Kathleen Koenig

Enroll in one of our 10 Educational Courses
on the science of human movement

Our Courses

  • 3DMAPS®
  • CAFS
  • GIFT
  • Chain Reaction®
  • Functional Soft Tissue Transformation
  • Functional Golf System
  • Female Chain Reaction®
  • Active Aging
  • Foot / Ankle
  • Functional Yoga System

3DMAPS®: Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis & Performance System

3DMAPS® is our foundational course on the science of human movement. It investigates human movement in three separate dimensions of evidence-based science: the physical sciences (how we interact with the physics of our world), the biological sciences (how the body moves), and the behavioral sciences (what drives human behavior).

By honoring the integrated nature of human movement, this course will improve your analysis and evaluation, provide a reliable framework for determining what’s functional from what’s not, and it will enhance your patient/client outcomes.

CAFS: Certification in Applied Functional Science®

A first of its kind, Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS) will help you expand on your current successes and breakthrough plateaus with patients/clients that often result from protocols that don’t allow for the unique variations of each individual.

By learning 8 Fundamental Movements and 10 Observational Essentials, you’ll be able to custom-design a limitless number of assessment variations as well as treatments and techniques to enhance the lives of your patients/clients.

GIFT: Gray Institute for Functional Transformation

GIFT is significantly changing the game for movement professionals across the globe. GIFT is a 40-week mentorship program in Applied Functional Science®. When you complete GIFT, you become credentialed as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science® (FAFS) and also have the distinguished opportunity to be certified in Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR).

A Fellow of Applied Functional Science has the knowledge, analytical ability, and hands-on, manual skills necessary for the application and integration of the GIFT curriculum’s core content. When you become a GIFT Fellow, you’ll join a select group of practitioners synonymous with the highest standard of care in human movement.

Chain Reaction®: Biomechanics Seminar with Dr. Gary Gray (“Father of Function”)

Chain Reaction® is a live seminar for any and all professionals that desire more tools in their toolbox to better serve their patients, clients, and athletes in the areas of Prevention, Performance, and Rehabilitation.

Chain Reaction empowers you to understand how the body moves on all three planes of motion as an inter-connected whole, rather than as isolated pieces. This course will dramatically bridge the gaps of traditional education.

Functional Soft Tissue Transformation: Soft Tissue Analysis and Treatment

Functional Soft Tissue Transformation empowers you to understand and utilize the global/local/manual movement spectrum, learn how to identify abnormal tensions in the body, select appropriate loading for testing and treating, create a plan to improve movement integrity.

Learn how to identify and resolve dysfunction when treating soft tissue and how to appreciate and treat your clients as unique individuals with unique needs.

Functional Golf System: Preparing the Body for Peak Performance

Functional Golf System (FGS) is a movement specialization that will help you organize, sequences, and deliver individualized, golf-specific training to your patients/clients. With a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of the human body, Functional Golf System will equip you to leverage over 250 golf-specific movements so you can prevent injury, eliminate pain, and help patients/clients improve their game.

Functional Golf System can be modified into 12 different training programs to meet the needs of any golfer from beginner to elite professionals. It truly is an unparalleled system authentic to the biomechanics / movements of the game.

Female Chain Reaction®: Female Biomechanics, Treatment, & Training

If you treat, train or work with women, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of female biomechanics. This includes pelvic health and the pelvic floor, which impacts many of the unique health challenges women face.

Female Chain Reaction® is a course for any and all movement science professionals who treat or train women. This course explores the unique female biomechanics, and empowers you to identify, assess, and treat dysfunction in the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System. Female Chain Reaction® will empower you to become an expert in female health and biomechanics.

Active Aging: Rehabilitation and Training for the Aging Population

Active Aging is a groundbreaking specialization for the treatment and training of the active aging population. Each day in the United States over 10,000 people turn 65. The combined effect of aging, injuries, and surgeries requires movement professionals who know how to modify the basic principles of functional movement for active, aging adults no matter their situation.

Active Aging will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with any diagnosis as well as 66 joint motions to help you measure and evaluate patient/client deficits. Rooted in the foundational principles of Applied Functional Science®, this specialization will equip you with a comprehensive system including analysis, rehabilitation, training, prevention, and maintenance.

Foot / Ankle: The First and Only Specialization Focusing on Chain Reaction® Biomechanics of Foot and Ankle

Most conventional movement education doesn’t offer a comprehensive breakdown of the foot and ankle. Consequently, practitioners often have to make educated guesses without understanding the true nature of the dysfunction they’re working with, nor how it influences (and is influenced) by the rest of the body.

This course fills in those gaps by examining how the feet and ankles are the foundation of the body and expanding the movement professional’s understanding of the biomechanics of the foot and ankle so he/she can successfully identify, assess, treat, and train people suffering from pain, dysfunction, and other injuries.

Functional Yoga System: Functionally Building Upon the Tradition of Yoga for Better Impact and Carryover

The most comprehensive functional yoga training course, Functional Yoga System, is designed for the human body of today while celebrating the many ways traditional yoga gets it right.

Yoga is an ancient practice bringing together body, mind, and spirit. However, our understanding of the human body has changed significantly since the physical practice of yoga was first developed. Moreover, our jobs, sports and hobbies often require repetitive motions which may lead to overuse injuries—factors that traditional yoga may not address. This one of a kind specialization will help you enhance your yoga practice by training you in the latest in functional movement.



Differentiate yourself from other movement professionals with CEU’s, certifications, and specializations that will help you be seen as the movement professional who treats and trains the root causes of dysfunction in the body, not just symptoms.



Achieve better individualized outcomes for patients and clients by leveraging movements that are authentic to everyday life. By utilizing all three planes of motion and the integrated nature of the human body, you'll be able to treat and train the patients/clients you didn't know how to help before.



Gray Institute® will deepen your passion for both your profession and the people who’ve entrusted their care to you. Growing in both competence and confidence will build trust and connection with those you serve.

Understanding the Science of Human
Movement Changes Everything.



Most movement professionals are missing a vital part of their education – the science of how the human body really moves. It’s frustrating when the people who’ve entrusted themselves to your care aren’t experiencing the outcomes they need. At Gray Institute®, we too share the sense that something is missing from traditional movement education. 

That’s why we’ve spent the last 45 years creating educational products and experiences that help professionals grow in their understanding of human movement, improve individualized outcomes, and increase the confidence that they’re providing the very best for their patients and clients. Getting started is really simple. First, download the FREE Gray Institute App and start taking advantage of knowledge library, community forum, and remote trainer. Then, enroll in 3DMAPS®, our foundational course on the science of human movement. The functional methods you’ll learn will start you on your journey to becoming the Go-To Movement Professional.

You don’t have to keep living with the sense that’s something’s missing. So, enroll in 3DMAPS®, and in the meantime, download the FREE Gray Institute App so you can stop being disappointed in the results you’re seeing and instead start improving individualized outcomes!


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