Dr. Gary Gray brings two new guests to his podcast: Lenny Parracino and Pat McCloskey. Both gentlemen are experts in CAFS: Certification for Applied Functional Science®.

Listen to the thirty-six minute podcast:

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About Lenny Parracino, CMT, FAFS

Lenny Paracino is a co-creator of the CAFS program. Lenny has a certification in Manual/Soft Tissue Therapy (CMT) and FMR along with being a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a Fellow of Applied Functional Science. Lenny has always aspired to develop programs specific for the individual patient/client. By developing the CAFS, he has succeeded in doing so.

For more information, please read Lenny's article, Simplexity” and CAFS: Certification in Applied Functional Science®


About Pat McCloskey, DPT, FAFS

Pat McCloskey (Patty Mack) is the otherco-creator of the CAFS Program. Patty Mack has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) and is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science. Patty Mack also has an MS in Exercise Physiology. He has been training personal trainers and professional athletes for 20 years now. Pat knows what it takes to truly individualize a program for patient/clients and has honored us by spreading his wealth of knowledge in the CAFS program.

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Best Quotes from the Podcast

Dr. Gary Gray: CAFS: The title is confusing, because, even though it is based on Applied Functional Science and you can be certified in it, it’s more than just being certified in the sciences. It’s being certified to do some really amazing things with your clients and your patients.

Dr. Gary Gray: We need to have a course that is accessible by a lot of people online, that is easy to understand.

Pat McCloskey: For me, it was a selfish endeavor. My job is to teach my trainers and make them great. I wanted an educational vehicle that fast-forwarded my job. The idea was to provide a simple approach to education that is also enjoyable and technique-based.

Pat McCloskey:Since we’ve created CAFs, every one of my trainers and every one of my on-coming trainers goes through the course. They are immediately accelerated quite dramatically in terms of their education … on how to use movement to get better results for their clients and patients.

Lenny Parracino: Intent, for me, was everything. For me the intent was about the patient, the client. It had nothing to do with the practitioner.

Lenny Parracino: What is the intent of this curriculum? For me, it was moving away from being a master technician – a person who memorizes a bunch of techniques – and instead utilizing a process that allows each practitioner to use their creativity to be more of a facilitator.

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