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What is GIFT?

Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) is a 40-week mentorship in Applied Functional Science® bringing together a select group of movement professionals who deliver the highest standard of care in knowledge, analytical ability, and the hands-on manual skills necessary to apply and integrate the core principles of Applied Functional Science®.

Choose Between Online + Gatherings or Online Only Options

We’re proud to offer two (2) program options for GIFT 2024! GIFT Fellows can choose Online + Gatherings, which includes all online content plus more than 75-hours of in-person instruction (including an additional Functional Manual Reaction certification!) through our two in-person GIFT Gatherings. Online Only participants can complete the online mentorship program and may choose to opt-in to the gatherings in the future for an additional fee.

Are any of these true for you?

  • Sometimes I see gaps and inconsistencies between the movement education I received and the work I do with clients and patients.
  • I want to keep learning and growing by continuing to expand my understanding of functional movement.
  • I want to be mentored and developed by a leader whose knowledge and experience in the field of human movement can help me reach my potential.
  • I want to be able to identify and treat the true causes of dysfunction rather than treating the body’s compensations.
  • I want to set myself apart in the movement profession as the trusted practitioner patients/clients want to see.
  • I want to belong to an elite community of professionals whose knowledge and treatment go above and beyond ordinary standards of care.

If so, the GIFT mentorship program is for you.

2024 GIFT Mentorship Program Dates


February 8, 2024


November 9, 2024

Gathering 1:

May 15-18, 2024

Gathering 2:

November 6-9, 2024

Online Only

  1. In-Full $9,975 total (1 payment)
  2. 1-Year Quarterly Installments $10,500 total 
    (4 payments)
  3. 3 Calendar-Year Installments $10,800 total 
    (3 payments)
  4. 2-Year Quarterly Installments $11,025 total 
    (8 payments)
  5. 2-Year Monthly Installments $11,025 total 
    (25 payments)

Live + Online

  1. In-Full $13,475 total (1 payment)
  2. 1-Year Quarterly Installments $14,000 total 
    (4 payments)
  3. 3 Calendar-Year Installments $14,300 total 
    (3 payments)
  4. 2-Year Quarterly Installments $14,525 total 
    (8 payments)
  5. 2-Year Monthly Installments $14,525 total 
    (25 payments)

*Your $200 application deposit will automatically be applied to whichever option you choose. If you enroll in the Online Only option, you are able to decide to attend one or both GIFT Gatherings later.

GIFT Discount Opportunities

Course Benefits


Early Bird

(Details coming soon!)


Group Rate

• Two GIFT Fellows: $1,000 discount
per person

• Three or more GIFT Fellows: $1,500
discount per person


**This offer cannot be bundled with any other
discount. Group discounts will be applied to
initial payment installment.


Gray Institute
Credit Discount***

If you’ve enrolled in a certification or specialization from Gray Institute before, GIFT will use the highest ticket course or certification (online pricing) as a “credit” towards your tuition. This includes:

3DMAPS®, CAFS, Functional Soft
Tissue Training, Functional Golf System,
Female Chain Reaction®, Active Aging, Foot / Ankle
or Functional Yoga System.

***This offer cannot be bundled with any other
discount. Group discounts will be applied to
initial payment installment.


For more details about tuition payments, additional costs, and other information, please download our brochure (PDF).

40-week online education and learning opportunities
“Week 0” bonus week
160+ hours of online content
GIFT Box (Supplemental Materials, Additional Gifts, Swag)
75+ hours of live content (2 GIFT Gatherings)
Additional optional 1-day event during GIFT gatherings
Periodic virtual calls (~4 weeks)
Access to Gray Institute® faculty and facilitators
Meals and ground transportation at GIFT Gatherings
Case Study project
Capstone Project
Fellow of Applied Functional Science® credentialing
Functional Manual Reaction certification
Access to online content for the duration of the program
Exclusive discounts to other Gray Institute® offerings
Become a vital part of a community like any other

A Mentorship in Applied Functional Science®
Designed to Transform Your Career


There’s nothing more frustrating than wondering, “Why didn’t I learn that?” Unfortunately, this is the experience many movement professionals have when they move from their formal education to practicing their craft with patients/clients. GIFT is a mentorship program designed to transform your career by giving you the most rigorous education in human movement. Invest in yourself by enrolling in GIFT so you can set yourself apart as the Go-To Movement Professional.

Having trained over 1,200 GIFT Fellows since its inception, GIFT offers over 160 hours of online content and over 75 hours of live content at two (2) GIFT Gatherings. In addition to completing a Case Study and Capstone Project, upon successful completion of GIFT you will be credentialed as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science® (FAFS) and receive certification in Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR). You’ll have ongoing access to GIFT content and materials for as long as the program is operational. More importantly, you’ll have access to GIFT Faculty and Facilitators and an elite community of movement professional peers.

Getting started is simple. First, download the FREE Gray Institute App and start by checking out the GIFT webinar. Next, enroll in the GIFT and dramatically transform your career with a mentorship program in Applied Functional Science®.


Getting Started is Simple.


Step 1:

Enroll in the
GIFT Mentorship Program


Enroll in GIFT (Gray Institute for
Functional Transformation) and take part
in an unparalleled mentorship in the field
of Applied Functional Science®.


Step 2:

Send in your
GIFT Deposit to Secure Your Place


We'll send you instructions on how to
submit your deposit and secure your
place in our next GIFT class.


Step 3:

Become the Go-To
Movement Professional


As a GIFT Fellow, you’ll join an
elite group of movement
professionals from around the world
who are significantly enhancing the lives of
the patients/clients they serve.

It’s discouraging to sense there’s something more but not know how to access it.

Become an elite movement professional who has learned how.

dewitt Jaime L. Fernandez Norma L. Lowe

GIFT has fostered immense growth in my practice and me! I am able to get better results in less time, as well as average more referrals on a monthly basis.

–Cash R. DeWitt, PT, DPT, FAFS

The GIFT Content has provided unparalleled analysis and performance applications that directly enhance my clients’ abilities and outcomes. My success as a coach has also enhanced exponentially!

–Jaime L. Fernandez, CSCS, FAFS

Since I enrolled in GIFT, I’m more successful and confident in my skills. The investment in this program has already paid for itself financially, as well as through my fulfillment in my profession.

–Norma L. Lowe, M.A., CPT, FAFS

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Community Forum

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Remote Trainer

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Knowledge Library

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