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3DMAPS is "really the culmination of everything we've done" mentions Dr. Gary Gray in this informative podcast about the three planes of motion. Joining Dr. Gray Gray is Doug Gray, the Director of GIFT and co-developer of 3DMAPS program. Doug is, as Gary mentions, "instrumental in the growth and vibrancy of Gray Institute." He is also Gary's son. Listen to the half hour podcast covering the importance of the three planes of motion:


Quotes from the Podcast

Here are some great quotes from this inspiring podcast:

Dr. Gary Gray: “I could not be successful at my trade as a movement specialist if I didn’t utilize 3DMAPS.”

Doug Gray: “3DMAPS really simplifies the complexity of the body. ”

Doug Gray: “When we study the body, we understand that the more we know, the more we don’t really know. And if the body has been miraculously gifted to do so many things, how in the world do we break it down in the simplest manner to cover our bases? That’s really the synopsis of 3DMAPS: that the body has been gifted to move in three planes of motion, and if all muscles react in three planes, and all joints  need to be able to move in three planes, you better have an analysis that covers all three planes of motions and all primary joints.”

Dr. Gary Gray: “The beauty and wisdom of 3DMAPS and why we can have great confidence in encouraging everyone to look into 3DMAPS, is that it really allows us (as movement specialists) to see how that wonderful, beautiful individual in front of us moves.”

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