If you’re looking to take your movement expertise to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place! The Gray Institute is internationally recognized as the leader in functional prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. By enrolling in the Gray Institute’s online certification program you, too, can become an expert in Applied Functional Science.

About CAFS

The Gray Institute offers a prestigious Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS), which can be earned completely online by movement professionals across the globe. Throughout the seven modules of the course, students will learn about movement fundamentals and the process of Applied Functional Science. Ultimately, students will finish the certification with a thorough understanding of how to design and implement functional programs based on the needs, wants, and goals of each unique client. The program includes more than 23 hours of video content and supplemental documents.

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At a Glance

  • Who? Anyone can earn the CAFS, however the program is especially pertinent to movement professionals. The certification is particularly popular among personal trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and more!
  • What? A Certification of Applied Functional Science is the premier certification for movement professionals in the area of biomechanics.
  • Where? The CAFS can be earned from anywhere, so long as you have an Internet connection!
  • When? Sign up for the functional training certification program today! You can learn at your own pace and take courses when it’s convenient for you!
  • Why? Earning the CAFS is an excellent way to further your professional development. Not only will it make you more marketable, but it will make you a better movement professional.
  • How? Get started earning your CAFS today online for just $549.

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