In this episode, we'll hear from Dr. Gray Gray ("G2") and Dr. David Tiberio ("DT") as they discuss the impact of the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) program, other powerful meanings of the word "gift" and "giftedness," and the impetus, impact, and innovation of the mentorship program. These two innovators and icons in the treatment and training industry also share how GIFT has changed their own lives and how it has made a lasting positive impact on the lives of those who have journeyed through the 40-week mentorship. The two long-time teachers and mentors also share valuable insights on how to know if and when is the "right time" to enroll in GIFT. Join us for this encouraging and insightful episode!

Quotes from this Episode

  • "GIFT has been the greatest professional development vehicle for me - far greater than I ever could have imagined."
  • "We know when we give our gifts out, we get gifts back."
  • "We're not teaching the content, we're teaching the thought process."
  • "We decided to do GIFT, we determined that we would base everything on pure science."

How Does GIFT Work?

GIFT is a 40-week mentorship program delivered by Gray Institute, the authentic source of education in Applied Functional Science®. This program provides unparalleled training, leading to increased competence, improved confidence, an enhanced community, and so much more. GIFT is offered in two convenient ways:

  • Online-Only
    • Premium online content delivered to your GIFT account
    • Online Learning Management System (LMS) provides access to content, tools, faculty, and our GIFT Fellow forums
    • Attendees may opt-in to attending gatherings in the future for an additional fee
    • Lifetime access to the GIFT LMS
  • Online Plus Gatherings
    • All benefits of the online-only program, plus:
    • Admission to our two in-person GIFT Gathering events including meals, snacks, and graduation celebration
    • In-person training for the Functional Manual Reaction® certification (attendance at the two Gift Gathering events required)

Benefits of a GIFT Certification (FAFS)

  • Credibility: Official credentialing in FAFS with an optional certification in Functional Manual Reaction®
  • Knowledge: Become more competent and confident
  • Fellowship: Join a community of elite movement professionals
  • Mentorship: Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn with and from the GIFT faculty and community

To connect with this amazing mentorship opportunity, complete the form below or visit our GIFT page. We look forward to serving you!



Podcast Episode Recorded in 2016