In his fourth podcast for Gray Institute, Dr. Gary Gray talks with Dr. David Tiberio, Dean of the GIFT program at Gray Institute, called, "The Myth of the Transversus Abdominus." Listen now!

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Let's Discuss the Transversus Abdominus

Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio discuss the research behind the Transversus Abdominus:

Dr. Gary Gray: As soon as I say “Transversus Abdominus” what comes to mind?

Dr. David Tiberio: The first thing that comes to mind is “great research, poor interpretation of that research.”

Later during the podcast, they discuss the gap between the research and the interpretation of that research:

Dr. Gary Gray: Why such a big gap [between the research and the interpretation of that research]? That’s always confused me.

Dr. David Tiberio: They were looking for a solution [to back pain] and for some reason they went down the isolation path. We, at the Gray Institute, would go down the integration path.

Dr. David Tiberio mentions a strongly held belief about the responsibility that all movement specialists have:

Dr. David Tiberio: I’ve come to believe, very strongly, that each practitioner, each movement specialist, has a responsibility to look at what they’re being told to do and ask themselves, “Does that make sense?”

Dr. Gary Gray discusses the planes of motion and what really activates the transversus abdominus:

Dr. Gary Gray: The abdominals, like any other muscle group, decelerate motion first on all three planes of motion. Therefore, you must have an assessment that uses the hands as a driver and uses the feet as a driver in order to facilitate that motion.

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