The World of Yoga by Dr. Gary Gray with Al Bingham

In his third podcast for Gray Institute, Dr. Gary Gray talks with Al Bingham, the owner of Encourage Yoga in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

Listen to the 30 minute podcast:

For more information, read Al Bingham’s article, “Yoga: What are We Doing Here?” and Al’s second podcast with Dr. Gary Gray, “Yoga Is Hard” on the Gray Institute’s blog.

What Is Yoga?

Al Bingham shares his knowledge with these highlights from the podcast:

When we look at the definition of Yoga, it’s describing a state of attention, and that state of attention is one in which our mind is not pulled by distractions in the way that it typically is.

Yoga is a body of knowledge that has its origin in the language Sanskrit.

Use movement, breathing, and rest to pull away from distractions.

Your attention is always somewhere. Ask the question: Is that where I want it to be?

When we bring a patient in, we’re not offering them generic Yoga; we’re offing them hand-crafted Yoga.

Distraction: Being Pulled Away

Dr. Gary Gray offers personal insight into why distractions can hinder personal growth.

Every time I’ve tried to improve my well-being… The number one thing that has gotten in my way through my entire life is the inability to zoom in on what I want to do because of distractions.

My life is just a chain reaction of distractions.

Al Bingham: The practice of yoga is not asking that we be hermetically sealed from distractions, in fact it’s saying, listen, there will always be distractions there, they just won’t have that same pull on you.

Practice this:

1. Notice when your attention is pulled away

2. Ask yourself, “Where did it go?”

3. Ask yourself, “Is that where I want it?”

4. If it’s not, pull your attention back to what you should focus on.

This practice of pulling your attention back into focus is a muscle that Yoga helps us to develop.

How Applied Functional Science® Influences Yoga

Dr. Gary Gray: Would you mind sharing with the listeners what impact, if any, did Applied Functional Science® have on how you would approach to helping somebody?

Al Bingham: It blew me away and it required me to absolutely re-conceive everything that I was doing. I had forgotten that I was working with people… I’m eternally grateful to you and to Greg for turning me on to the Gray Institute.

Learn more about Applied Functional Science® on the Gray Institute website.

More About Al Bingham

Al is the owner of Encourage Yoga in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. He is passionate about handcrafting yoga practices for groups and individuals.

Teaching since 1995, Al has trained aspiring teachers, developed continuing education programs for experienced instructors and worked with physical therapists, personal trainers, psychologists, orthopedic doctors and physiatrists.

Al has co-authored two books on Yoga published by Random House and is featured on Yoga Zone DVDs and the Yoga Zone television show.

Al received his yoga training though Yoga Zone founder Alan Finger and through the American Viniyoga Institute led by Gary Kraftsow. In 2011, Al became a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) with the Gray Institute. Al is also a certified Nike Golf NG360 Golf Performance Specialist and works with golfers to train, rehabilitate and prevent injuries. Al is a 1992 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Yoga Resources from Al Bingham

Encourage Yoga
Handcrafted yoga made-to-order in Croton, New York. Athletic challenges. Therapeutic movement. Gentle breathing. Stillness. Come as you are.

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