In his fifth podcast for Gray Institute, Dr. Gary Gray talks with Dr. David Tiberio, Dean of the GIFT program at Gray Institute about "Keeping the Knee Over the Second Toe" or "Myths of Training & Rehabilitation" (Dr. Gary Gray also calls this, "Things We Were Taught  that Don't Make Sense Now"). Listen now!

Listen to the 23 minute podcast by two innovative doctors of physical therapy:

Interested in learning more about this topic? Here is a blog on this topic from Dr. David Tiberio: The Fallacy of Keeping the Knee Over the Middle of the Foot

Let's Discuss Myths of Training & Rehabilitation

Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio begin by discussing the myth of keeping the "Knee Over the Second Toe" when squatting or lunging:

Dr. David Tiberio: If we just use our common sense, we'll realize that the knee over the second toe is not a truth of function, but somehow the research has biased us in that direction.

Dr. Gary Gray asks Dr. David Tiberio to elaborate on this concept:

Dr. David Tiberio: Too little of the motion is just as bad as too much. If we don't allow that motion to occur, we may be creating a situation where the person may be more likely to get injured.

When discussing the importance of the knee, Dr. Gary Gray says: Dr. Gary Gray: The knee is an extension of the hip and an extension of the foot. The knee is caught in the middle with few places to go and nowhere to hide.

Dr. Gary Gray asks Dr. David Tiberio what he thinks about the research and why research is misleading:

Dr. David Tiberio: The truth doesn't change, but the interpretation of the truth does change as we learn more and more.

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