Physical therapists Dr. Nick Hawkins and Dr. Andrew Gorecki meet with Doug Gray to discuss 3DMAPS and the Gray Institute. Both Andrew and Nick have completed multiple educational programs with the Institute and believe that the principals of Applied Functional Science can help you within your own PT practice to give your patients back their movement!

  • [00:35] Meet Doug Gray!
  • [2:55] Doug discusses the GIFT program and what it entails.
  • [4:18] “Movement is one of those big gifts we can give back to people to really restore their life and allow them to pursue their passions, and that’s why GIFT was created.”
  • [4:50] Doug touches on some of the other program at the Gray Institute, including 3D Maps and CAFS.
  • [7:14] “We view that 3D MAPS is going to be the gold standard of the assessment industry, for all movement practitioners.”
  • [9:45] The global perspective of Applied Functional Science
  • [10:43] “It’s a really organized thought process that allows people like me, to learn what I was supposed to learn in PT school.”
  • [11:00] Doug dives into the origin of the Gray Institute and discusses the basis of the movement assessment.
  • [14:10] Nick touches on his use of the assessment tool and how he incorporates it into his day to day life as a PT.
  • [15:09] Doug talks about 3D Maps and how this tool came to fruition with all of the other tools available in the movement community.
  • [18:15] It all comes down to individualization, people want to matter.
  • [19:20] Andrew discusses why he utilizes 3D maps and the value it has given him.
  • [21:15] Doug discusses the methodology behind 3D Maps.
  • [25:35] Where are the Gray Institute methods and principals being used?
  • [32:00] The guys discuss the future and how the institute will grow and continue to share the tool of the movement screen.
  • [33:04] Annual musculoskeletal screenings, when will the world sink their teeth into a yearly movement screen?
  • [36:47] “Movement is the key to life.”
  • [37:30] The three PT On Fire questions.
    • What is your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?
    • How are you currently feeding your body, your mind, and your spirit?
    • What are you looking forward to in the next five years?
  • [46:13] Doug talks about two opportunities for listeners!

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