Gary had the fortunate opportunity to be featured on the regular podcast, PT on FIRE with Drs. Nick Hawkins and Andrew Gorecki. The guys discuss their frustrations with the current state of teaching curriculum in physical therapy school and how teaching AFS to new grads has changed the game in the world of physical therapy, and what else is out there to continue to feed the fire!

  • [00:55] Meet Gary Gray!
  • [1:11] Nick discusses the camp for children that Gary supports through the Gray Institute.
  • [2:36] Gary shares about his children’s camp experience.
  • [3:06] Gary discusses the Free to Play movement, and the “why” behind it.
  • [7:11] “Our mission statement is to encourage transformation.”
  • [11:40] Gary goes back to where it all started, he discusses where his learning journey took a turn off the traditional path.
  • [15:49] Gary shares on why AFS isn’t incorporated into the curriculum in physical therapy school.
  • [21:18] Andrew shares his frustrations with current teachings in physical therapy programs.
  • [23:00] Gary discusses looking at a symptom approach VS looking at the whole body while treating patients.
  • [25:00] “Unless you know how to describe movement, it’s going to be hard to assess movement.”
  • [27:58] Andrew touches on his conversation about AFS with a faculty member at a college teaching physical therapy students.
  • [29:51] “Movement is infinitely variable, but the Gray Institute has nailed it down with 3D maps.”
  • [30:00] Gary elaborates on 3D Maps and how this tool has reinvented the initial evaluation.
  • [36:12] Gary shares on what he does to handle adversity, and what he does to keep his fire lit.
  • [37:35] surround yourself with people you want to learn from.
  • [38:50] Gary gets the three PT on Fire questions!
    • What is your biggest failure?
    • How do you feed your mind, body, and spirit?
    • What are you looking forward to in the next five years?
  • [46:02] Gary offers a 3D maps discount code!

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