Once again, Dr. Gary Gray, founder of Gray Institute, joins Dr. David Tiberio ("our most favorite of all guests"), Dean of the GIFT program at Gray Institute in an intriguing podcast about "Reliability in Functional Testing." Dr. Gary Gray begins this podcast with, "We definitely needed to bring out the big artillery to talk about what we're going to be talking about today: the reliability of functional testing." This podcast includes "What Functional Testing Is" as well as the "Evolution of Functional Testing"! Listeners, you're in for a treat!

Listen to the half hour podcast by two innovative doctors of physical therapy:

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Let's Discuss Reliability in Functional Testing

Here are some snippets from this amazing podcast: Dr. Gary Gray: This [subject of reliability in functional testing] is near and dear to our hearts, because we've been pursuing this for many, many years. There is a lot of information out there that is confusing to people, and a lot of great information out there that people may not even know about. Dr. David Tiberio (reflecting on Team Reaction back in the early '90s): [Dr. Gary Gray and I] had a desire to come up with the best functional testing that we could. We knew that, to create the best testing system at that time, we needed to get input from people in all different professional walks of life. Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio reflect on what they learned while working with Navy SEALs... Dr. David Tiberio: I want to go back to when we used some of these tests when you were commissioned to work on the US Navy SEALs. We learned if you are motivated enough, there are ways the body will cheat. The body can find ways to hide deficits.


Much of the podcast highlights principles from the groundbreaking 3DMAPS course.  "That's why 3DMAPS is so powerful." "That's the magic of 3DMAPS." "That's where the beauty and wisdom of 3DMAPS takes on a whole new dimension." Dr. Gary Gray: With 3DMAPS, we went back to the basics. We wanted to know what are we really dealing with so we could tweak it. Dr. Gary Gray: People who attended Team Reaction in the early '90s, and saw 3DMAPS, [say to themselves:] We were pioneers in figuring this out. Listen for your favorite Gray Truths: "The test is the exercise and the exercise is the test." "We start with success and we know how to tweak that success." "The movements of 3DMAPS cover all 66 essential motions of the human body."

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