Utilizing Foot Orthoses to Reduce Pain

Dr. David Tiberio, Dean of the GIFT program at Gray Institute, teaches about leveraging the three planes of motion in this educational video-blog (vlog).

Watch the short (under twelve minutes) video,  Foot Orthoses

Foot Orthoses from Gray Institute GIFT on Vimeo.

Quotes from the Video

"If we understand our Chain Reaction biomechanics, it's not just foot pain, but when we understand how the foot affects the rest of the body, we can see how pain anywhere in the body can be influenced by a change in how the foot interacts with the ground."

"If we focus on making the foot look perfect, if we focus on trying to put a device - an interface - between the foot and the shoe, that makes that foot look like it's standing right around subtalar neutral, we might be making a big mistake."

"How is this foot reacting?"

"We think this is the path we want to go down, but how do we know?"

"That orthodic device may not be perfect, but we want to know if we're going down the right path."

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