Training the Transversus Abdominus in Isolation

Learn whether training the transversus abdominus in isolation is a fallacy or folly with Dr. David Tiberio, Dean of the GIFT program at Gray Institute.

Watch the short (under twelve minutes) video,  Training the Transversus Abdominus in Isolation

Training the Transversus Abdominus in Isolation: Fallacy or Folly? from Gray Institute GIFT on Vimeo.

Quotes from the Video

"Why in the world would you want to do that?"

"For the majority of things we do, we're upright."

"We call those things that may not be working right... asymptomatic dysfunction."

"The program is isolated. You're trying to not get the other muscles to contract."

"The program to activate the abdominal muscles is going to give us an indication of where we might not be functioning optimally."

"How do you turn on the abdominals?" (Find out Dave's answer!)

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So, you want to get nice abs, strong abs, the six-pack abs? Most often when talking about abdominal exercises, crunches, sit-ups, stability ball exercises, planks, and a variety of exercises on the floor are what come to mind. All of these have been used successfully for years, and many people will swear by these abs workouts as the key to perfect abs. But if you take a closer look at the anatomy of the abdominal muscles, the biomechanics, and the way they actually function in our world, it opens up a whole different way, a more effective way, and a more functional way to train your abs. Open your mind to train your abs functionally, prepare them for the way they actually work, prevent injuries, and develop strong, six-pack abs.

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