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Two Courses from the Leaders in Functional Movement

Targeted at clinics, clubs, and individuals looking for an introduction to Applied Functional Science®, this course bundle establishes a consistent method to educate you in functional movement, reliable techniques, biomechanics. and so much more.

This bundle is a culmination of over four decades of pioneering work in the physical, biological, and behavioral sciences. Spearheaded by Dr. Gary Gray, renowned as the "Father of Function," these courses distill invaluable insights and practices from his groundbreaking studies. With experience training over 250,000 movement professionals worldwide, our pursuit of delivering innovative and trustworthy principles, strategies, and techniques is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in functional movement education. We invite you to join us as we equip professionals like you with the best functional education so you can deliver the best functional care to those you serve.

Included in this Bundle:

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We developed Functional Techniques to provide movement professionals, like you, with a set of movements you can trust, the knowledge of when to use them, and the understanding of how they will benefit those you serve. You’ll “level up” your training, education, and outcomes as you learn several reliable, evidence-based movements. and gain a working understanding of a tool you can use to discern the purpose of movements you encounter in the future. Learn More

Foundations will bridge that gap and enhance your ability to individualize care in performance, rehabilitation, and prevention. Using story, scientific principles, and applications that can be immediately embedded into your work, Foundations will help you understand the structure and system of the three sciences that impact human movement and provide you with the information you need to apply it in real life and function. With this understanding, you'll gain the confidence you desire and the results you've always wanted for those in your care. Learn More

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