“Helping others find freedom through nutrition and movement is my passion.”

Currently running her own personal training company, Amy Slater Coaching, Amy has worked with diverse populations, earned extensive training certificates, and has decades of experience helping people become their best selves.

However, it’s her Gray Institute® education that continues to shape her approach to treatment and training.

“I am a functional nutritionist as well as a GIFT Fellow, so I combine nutrition and movement,” Amy explains. “I believe that with the right education on where to commit energy and habit-building, all of my clients can reach their goals.”

The source of her movement principles? Applied Functional Science® (AFS).

Amy Slater Coaching

Working With Moms to Reach Their Goals and Leave Social Media Ideals Behind

As a personal trainer, Amy’s works with mothers to bring back their strength, stability, and energy postpartum. The moms Amy works with are “quite depleted” and not able to fully participate in motherhood because of body pain, exhaustion, body size, and mood imbalance.

While there are many unique challenges to working with women postpartum, Amy faces a hurdle that not many consider: the effects of social media.

“My challenge is communicating the value of a movement versus an exercise-based approach to women whose main [goal] is driven by social media messaging to lose weight and tone up,” Amy says.

“They are coming from bootcamp, or online HIIT training, or trying to employ strategies from before having kids. But these women don’t understand the [postpartum] physical, emotional, and nutritional stressors, and how all of that must be considered now.”

However, as a GIFT Fellow, Amy has the tools she needs to address her clients’ concerns effectively and efficiently, while staying true to real-life function.

Gray Institute Changed the Way Amy Approaches Movement and Community

A life-long learner, Amy completed several Gray Institute courses which contribute to her success working with moms. Her coursework includes:

Because AFS teaches us that everything in the body is connected, these courses gave Amy the language and thought processes to communicate the interconnectedness of her clients’ experience to the women she works with. It’s this dynamic, holistic approach that sets her apart—and makes her successful.

However, for Amy, Gray Institute is about more than just a great movement education. It’s about community.

Amy went through the GIFT Fellowship program 11 years ago, but the relationships she formed and the bonds she has with the team have stayed strong. And it’s this support that makes a daily difference in her work and life.

“Without the GIFT program, the relationships, and support of Gray Institute, my methods would undoubtedly fall into the masses and not have the individuality that sets me apart as a coach.”

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“This Is a Community, Not Just an Education”

There are countless courses to choose from when you want to find a niche in the movement world, grow your skills, and continue your education. According to Amy, this is why you should choose Gray Institute as your movement education source:

“This is a community, not just an education. If you truly want to set yourself apart from the masses, then take the step and connect with the top in the industry.

Don’t hesitate to connect, invest and forever impact lives in a way you could not do without Gray Institute.”

Gray Institute: Your Source for Industry-Leading Education

No matter where you fit in the movement world—whether you’re working with new moms, Olympic athletes, an aging population, young athletes, or any other group—Gray Institute is here to support you.

Our courses are CEU-approved, and most are available online. To learn more about the courses Amy has taken and how they could help you reach your goals, please don’t hesitate to view our course page or reach out to our team directly.

We love connecting with passionate movement professionals and are ready to speak with you today.