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Lori’s Story: “Pearls From a PT” Uses AFS to Empower Her Patients

Testimonials | Feb 7, 2022

Lori Diamos, a veteran movement science professional, has used Gray Institute techniques for years to help her patients.

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Igor’s Story: Using AFS to Rehab an Olympic Gold Medalist

Testimonials | Nov 22, 2021

By working with Igor and using AFS principles, Maria recovered enough to compete in Tokyo—and win gold.

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Amy’s Story: Helping Moms With a Functional Approach

Testimonials | Oct 4, 2021

Amy works with moms postpartum, helping them achieve their goals and leave social media pressure behind.

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Michael’s Story: Former Narcotics Cop-Turned-Physical Therapist Helps Patients Heal Through Movement

Testimonials | Aug 9, 2021

After a friend and fellow police officer was killed in the line of duty, Michael needed to switch careers. Gray Institute gave him the tools he needed to do so.

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Jeanmarie’s Story: Transforming Lives With AFS

Testimonials | Jul 26, 2021

Jeanmarie was bored of traditional movement courses. She had questions and wasn’t getting the results she wanted. That’s when she discovered Gray Institute.

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Mike’s Story: Using AFS to Help People Become Their Best Selves

Testimonials | May 27, 2021

“I knew the Gray Institute was legit because I was coming up with much better outcomes with my clients and athletes. Less pain, higher function and performance, and stronger in lifting exercises.”

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Doris’ Story: Using AFS to Train Clients’ Minds, Bodies, and Spirits

CAFS | Apr 27, 2021

Doris had a passion for personal training but always felt like something was missing in her conventional education. Then she found Gray Institute.

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Heather’s Story: Supporting Student Athletes With Applied Functional Science®

Testimonials | Mar 24, 2021

For Heather, an athletic trainer, her job is about more than injury prevention: it’s about treating her student athletes’ body, mind, and spirit.

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Eric’s Story: Committed Physical Therapist Finds Truth Through Community

Testimonials | Feb 12, 2021

Eric was raised to care deeply for patients. But until he encountered the teachings of Gray Institute, something was missing.

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Rob’s Story: Treating and Training Elite Athletes Using AFS

Testimonials | Jan 8, 2021

Rob made a career working with elite, professional athletes in Europe. Gray Institute gave him the tools he needed to help them perform at their best.

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Louie’s Story: Exercise Physiologist Finds Success With AFS

Testimonials | Nov 2, 2020

Although he was a highly trained and extremely qualified practitioner, everything changed for Louie when he encountered Gray Institute’s approach.

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Andy’s Story: Physical Therapist Stays Sharp, Gets Results With AFS

Testimonials | Oct 29, 2020

The knowledge physical therapist Andy Harrah gained from Gray Institute courses CAFS and 3DMAPS changed his practice. His advice: “Don’t slow-play AFS.”

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Colleen's Story: Pilates Instructor Finds a New Career and a Functional Approach

Functional Muscle Function | Sep 10, 2020

After nearly 30 years as a Pilates instructor, Colleen needed to change her career. Gray Institute gave her the tools she needed to pivot her approach.

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Derak’s Story: Using the Free Gray Institute® App to Stay Fluid

Testimonials | Aug 25, 2020

As a GIFT fellow, Derak understands the importance of pushing yourself to grow. That’s why he chose to use the free Gray Institute app.

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Tim’s Story: Engineer Turned Martial Arts Teacher Empowers Students Through Functional Movement

Testimonials | Jul 28, 2020

Martial arts was always Tim’s passion. When he retired from engineering, he began using the truths of human movement to empower his martial arts students.

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Tobi’s Story: A Hand Therapist Takes a Functional Approach and Gets Results

Testimonials | Jul 21, 2020

A hand therapist with over 20 years of experience, Tobi sometimes struggled to identify the root of an injury. When he enrolled at Gray Institute, everything changed.

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