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Rob’s Story: Treating and Training Elite Athletes Using AFS

Testimonials | Jan 8, 2021

Rob made a career working with elite, professional athletes in Europe. Gray Institute gave him the tools he needed to help them perform at their best.

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Louie’s Story: Exercise Physiologist Finds Success With AFS

Testimonials | Nov 2, 2020

Although he was a highly trained and extremely qualified practitioner, everything changed for Louie when he encountered Gray Institute’s approach.

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Andy’s Story: Physical Therapist Stays Sharp, Gets Results With AFS

Testimonials | Oct 29, 2020

The knowledge physical therapist Andy Harrah gained from Gray Institute courses CAFS and 3DMAPS changed his practice. His advice: “Don’t slow-play AFS.”

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Derak’s Story: Using the Gray Institute® App to Stay Fluid

Testimonials | Aug 25, 2020

As a GIFT fellow, Derak understands the importance of pushing yourself to grow. That’s why he chose to use the Gray Institute app.

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Tim’s Story: Engineer Turned Martial Arts Teacher Empowers Students Through Functional Movement

Testimonials | Jul 28, 2020

Martial arts was always Tim’s passion. When he retired from engineering, he began using the truths of human movement to empower his martial arts students.

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Tobi’s Story: A Hand Therapist Takes a Functional Approach and Gets Results

Testimonials | Jul 21, 2020

A hand therapist with over 20 years of experience, Tobi sometimes struggled to identify the root of an injury. When he enrolled at Gray Institute, everything changed.

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Emily’s Story: Embracing Intuition to Help Seniors Heal

Testimonials | Jun 18, 2020

Senior clients presented Emily with unique challenges. Gray Institute helped her overcome them.

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Angel’s Story: An Irish Dance Coach Blends Tradition With Function

Testimonials | May 27, 2020

Angel knew her Irish dance students shouldn’t get injured and stay injured. Her Gray Institute education helped them recover.

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Vladimíra P.’s Story: Gray Institute Inspires a Shift in Her Business

Testimonials | May 13, 2020

At age 43, Vladimíra P. decided to change the scope of her movement business. Find out how Gray Institute helped her refocus her business and learn new skills and approaches.

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Joe’s Story: A Body Coach Grows and Finds Family With Gray Institute

Testimonials | Apr 24, 2020

Joe was working as a dumbbell coach when he discovered Gray Institute. Now, he helps everyone from professional athletes to kids achieve their best.

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Performance Studio Owner Finds a Partner in Gray Institute® – Jay M.’s Story

Testimonials | Feb 27, 2020

From student to partner, performance studio owner Jay found an organization that matched his passion for continuing education and science in Gray Institute.

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Stacey’s Story: A Fitness Coach Becomes an Industry Leader With Help From Gray Institute

Testimonials | Feb 19, 2020

As a fitness coach, Stacey needed to help people at every level of physical ability excel. The Gray Institute GIFT Fellowship helped her do just that.

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Jay J.’s Story: Coach Uses Applied Functional Science® to Help His Students

Testimonials | Feb 11, 2020

Learn how Gray Institute’s teachings became an integral part of Jay’s performance coaching success.

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Ryan’s Story: Physical Therapist Finds Meaning With Gray Institute®

Testimonials | Jan 27, 2020

Physical therapy school left Ryan with more questions than answers. When he discovered Applied Functional Science at Gray Institute, everything changed.

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