An experienced occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, Tobi had almost 20 years of experience treating upper extremity post-surgical repetitive strain, trauma, and accident-based injuries. According to Tobi, “the number one value of my practice is the ability to help patients. The most important step for making therapy successful is giving them exercises and activities they can do to help themselves.”

When Tobi learned about Gray Institute®, Dr. Gary Gray, and their functional perspective on healing, he knew he needed to learn more.

Gray Institute Helps Tobi Identify the Root of an Injury

After encountering Dr. Gary Gray’s work, Tobi found his approach interesting, especially the idea of multi-plane treatments and motion assessments. When he got the opportunity to take a Gray Institute course, 3DMAPS® (Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis & Performance System), he jumped. Immediately, Tobi knew he’d encountered something completely new and revolutionary.

“I have had cases where I just couldn’t find the cause of injury,” Tobi explains. “The Gray Institute approach showed me how movement and body parts are connected. In assessing movements through the different planes of motion, I was able to more readily see impairments.”

The 3DMAPS course also helped Tobi address a specific client’s needs. He’d been working with a client who was a competitive volleyball player who competed at the national level. The athlete was dealing with a long-standing case of medial epicondylitis in his right arm, a painful condition that’s also known as “golfer’s elbow.” After years of repetitive stress, the pain affected the client’s ability to serve and hit. He had spent years in physical therapy, but it had not helped long-term.

When Tobi introduced some of the principles he learned in the Gray Institute coursework, he saw an immediate improvement. The athlete was able to return to the court, although the coronavirus pandemic prevented him and the rest of the team from competing nationally.

“The course definitely showed me the benefits of this approach and its ability to assess the entire person in multiple planes of motion,” notes Tobi.

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The Gray Institute Perspective Brings It All Together

What Tobi values most about his Gray Institute education is that it confirmed his intuitive understanding of how the body moves and heals in real life; that everything is connected. Often, the pain associated with one part of the body is just a symptom of a different, interconnected problem.

“As an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, I’ve always felt the body is truly connected, and just looking at one spot on the body won’t always fix the problem,” Tobi said of his Gray Institute experience. “I really love that Dr. Gary Gray’s concepts are based on a client-centered approach where you are assessing each individual and not using the usual cookie-cutter protocol for every diagnosis.”

Since taking the Gray Institute course, Tobi is assessing patients more effectively. He’s also been able to empower them and maximize their function by allowing them to move through multiple planes of motion. Tobi’s Gray Institute education has given him a better understanding of functional movement and assessment, and helps him deliver even better care.

Gray Institute Education Empowers Your Experience

If you’re ready to enhance your already-strong foundation, it’s time to consider enrolling in a Gray Institute course. For over 40 years, we’ve empowered movement professionals, like Tobi and you, with the education they need to identify the true cause of persistent injuries, decide which exercises will be most effective in treating them, and implement a personalized plan to help your patients get their health, performance, and lives back on track.

To get started learning about career and life-changing courses like 3DMAPS, feel free to reach out to our team and receive a free consultation to identify which course is right for you. Or, enroll today and get started on your journey of becoming the go-to movement professional.

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