Mike is a personal trainer in Austin, Texas, where he’s owned and operated his personal training business, Attainable Growth, for 11 years. He’s also a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (completed Gray Institute’s GIFT Program), has a M.Ed. Kinesiology, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  

Mike works with a variety of clients, including working professionals, high school athletes, and retired folks, employing the principles, strategies and techniques he learned at Gray Institute for assessment, training and conditioning. This is his story. 

Applied Functional Science Shifts Mike’s Perspective and Approach

“Before I began learning from the Gray Institute, I would run into a lot of problems with individuals who would experience pain with exercise,” Mike says. “I didn’t have a direction to go in to help these individuals.” 

Everything changed when Mike started an internship at the University of Texas. Working for two years under the then Men's Basketball head strength and conditioning coach Todd Wright and assistant coach Logan Schwartz (long-time friends of Gray Institute), Mike encountered Applied Functional Science principles and strategies for the first time.  Seeing how the training principles were employed and the outcomes from the implementation of those strategies was unbelievable. 

After his internship, Mike enrolled in many of Gray Institute’s respected programs, wanting to learn from the team himself. He started with a Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) in 2014 and eventually signed up for Gray Institute’s premier fellowship program, GIFT, in 2016. 

“I knew the Gray Institute was legit because I was coming up with much better outcomes with my clients and athletes. Less pain, higher function and performance, and stronger in lifting exercises.” 

“Both the GIFT program and the CAFS certification were instrumental in providing a thought process and an effective strategy to help unravel the true causes of my clients’ joint and muscle pain and dysfunction.”

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Investing in His Career With the GIFT Fellowship

When Mike decided to take the next step and become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, he knew it would be an investment. Years later, and the things he learned in GIFT are still impacting his career. 

“[I really appreciated] all of the case studies and being able to go back through the 40 week online program for the rest of my life.  The program is expensive, but worth it.  Especially knowing I can always go back and relearn, see how the Gray Institute has updated things, and keep on developing as a professional.”  

“The network, the principles, strategies and techniques, the love and support— there's nothing else like it that I've experienced in continuing education in my lifetime.”

Mike Uses AFS to Change His Own Father’s Life

In addition to helping his clients achieve a higher quality of life, Mike’s work has affected him close to home. For the past few years, he’s been training someone very important—his father.  

“We've been working together over Zoom or Facetime for the past six years.  He was 55 when we first started working together and was in terrible condition because of a demanding travel schedule with work. He had perpetual low back issues.” 

“Using 3DMAPS, I was able to determine that he had restricted hips and feet, and a locked up thoracic spine.  Even though I couldn't put my hands on him and wasn't there in person with him, I taught him about Functional Manual Reaction and corrective movements that help free up his locked-up joints. Now at age 61, he says he hasn't felt this good since he was in his early 40s.”

Invest in Your Career and Your Clients With Gray Institute

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, consider Gray Institute. Our courses fill the gaps in your formal education, giving you the tools you need to help improve function, achieve goals, and live better—whether you’re working in-person, or over FaceTime, like Mike and his dad.

To learn more about Applied Functional Science, our course catalog, or how we can help you achieve your goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love speaking with passionate professionals about their goals and look forward to speaking with you, too!