As a private practice exercise physiologist, Louie Arias knows a lot about pain. He also knows a lot about relieving it. A veteran of the movement industry, Louie has over 20 years of experience helping free his patients of chronic pain, trauma, and related issues. He works with clients in his business, Exercise Therapy NC, LLC, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Although he was a highly trained and extremely qualified practitioner, everything changed for Louie when he encountered Applied Functional Science® (AFS) and Gray Institute®.

Louie Seeks a Human-Centered Approach in His “Learning Journey”

Because he works with trauma survivors and people with chronic pain and illness, Louie knows he needs to take a different approach to fitness and health. For many people recovering from severe conditions, connecting with, understanding, and trusting their bodies can be extremely challenging.

Before learning about Gray Institute and AFS, Louie was hungry for knowledge that would help him treat the people he works with in a holistic, person-centered way. He was always thinking about the process of treating people. It wasn’t until he encountered Gray Institute that Louie felt he had a good answer to his questions.

With AFS, he can tailor his strategies to the individual and their real-life needs. “I take a neurocentric approach to restoring hope and health to my clients,” Louie explains. “Thanks to Gray Institute and the principles, strategies, and techniques of Applied Functional Science, I can create a healing environment.”

“At one time in my career, I held 10 fitness certifications,” Louie says. “But I let them all go because of how different the approach of the Gray Institute is to the true function, design, and creation of the human body.”

This perspective is hard to come by in the movement industry, Louie notes. The principles of AFS were really what set Gray Institute apart, and why he ended up enrolling in not one but three courses — CAFS, 3DMAPS®, and Functional Soft Tissue Transformation (FSTT).

“The pearls of knowledge shared in CAFS, 3DMAPS, and FSTT are priceless. To help the population I work with, who experience chronic pain and trauma, I have to treat the whole person. Including the body, mind, and spirit is essential, and Gray Institute is the leader in this arena.”

AFS Offers Louie a Welcome Challenge

“I consider Dr. Gray and Lenny Parracino (one of Gray Institute’s instructors) my mentors because they challenge and shape my thought process of how I work with my clients,” Louie says. “My learning journey is one that I look forward to every day.”

After seeing success with his clients and establishing a thriving practice, Louie has a clear message for his fellow movement professionals:

“I encourage any coach, physical therapist, chiropractor, or movement professional to look into the Gray Institute curriculum. It will challenge your thought process like nothing you experience before, for the better.”

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At Gray Institute, we treat people as the unique individuals they are, rather than using an arbitrary fitness and health model. Whether you treat or train a unique population, or you’re just looking for community and principle-based education, Gray Institute is here to support you on your journey. Our courses are true to the science of human movement, and you can apply them as soon as you return to the clinic, office, or gym.

Ready to get started? Learn more about the courses Louie loves: CAFS, 3DMAPS, or FSTT, or contact us for a no-risk consultation. You can speak with one of our experienced team members to find a course that will support your career and goals.

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