Lori began her movement science journey in 1995 in a hospital. Once she had graduated to an outpatient facility, with the help of a mentor, she began to understand and incorporate the principles of Applied Functional Science® into her own physical therapy practice. Once Lori started learning, there was no turning back.

Within the next year, she began her journey into the world of Gray Institute®, signing up for the first of many courses. Armed with a new set of movement science tools, Lori was ready to help her patients in a new way.

"My grasp of movement is so much better,” says Lori of her Gray Institute education. “But also, my grasp of the human spirit is so much better. That is unlike any other PT course I've gone to."


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Applied Functional Science Builds Lori’s People-Centered Movement Toolbelt

Over her 25 years as a physical therapist, Lori has taken every Gray Institute course available. This includes Chain Reaction®, 3DMAPS, CAFS, and even the GIFT fellowship program in 2019. Her Gray Institute education has built her into a self-proclaimed “movement detective,” and has allowed her to help her clients get results where other methods have failed.

Lori now works part-time for Athletico Physical Therapy at their Park Ridge North facility near Chicago, Illinois, where she helps patients work towards a brighter future. But her true influence is through her self-run physical education program “Pearls from a PT.”

Lori uses her program to educate her community on sports performance and enhancement, post physical therapy wellness, how to get back to exercise, and overall wellness in individual and group settings. Her mission is to educate and teach others in a way that works for their own pace. Her experience with Gray Institute has helped her to breakdown complicated movement science principles and share her wisdom with others in a way that’s easy to understand.

"I love to learn,” Lori exclaims. “When I learn something new, I'm like a garbage disposal, I can't stop talking about it. I love to talk about what works."

Applied Functional Science

Using AFS to Address a Young Patient’s Scoliosis and Help Avoid Surgery

Recently, Lori encountered a young patient who had a case of severe scoliosis. The teen had a two-inch pelvic deficit and a 40-degree rib hump, and if the condition didn’t improve, it was likely they would need extensive surgery to correct the condition. Once she met with this patient, Lori knew she had the tools to help them reach their goals and delay—if not entirely avoid—surgery.

Working with a team that understood Gray Institute and 3DMAPS principles, she built a unique plan that would address her patient’s specific conditions.

Starting on the True Stretch, Lori used 3DMAPS to adjust and examine the young patient down to a one-inch pelvic deficit. These techniques helped her patient walk with more balance.

Using AFS, Lori taught her patient how to replicate the true stretch at home using a doorway. Now, the 40-degree rib hump they suffered from has been reduced by 20 degrees and the pelvic deficit has been maintained—an incredible improvement in the fight to avoid using metal fixtures or bracing.

This change was the greatest they had seen in a long time, offering hope to the patient and their family.

Lori hopes that this patient can be an example of how effective Applied Functional Science is in physical therapy, as well as in helping the spirit of others. "We can make a positive impact in people's health, but we can also impact their attitudes," Lori explains.

Applied Functional Science

Gray Institute Helps Lori Stay Effective in Modern Times

In a world where many practices are turning to digital or remote sessions, Lori feels confident that she can work just as effectively using her Gray Institute education. She believes that her education in Applied Functional Science allows her to help others while keeping them comfortable and safe.

“I can still look at you, even if you’re 1,000 miles away, and understand how to help,” says Lori on her own positive experience with telehealth.

Lori believes that a movement-based approach can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for movement professionals in the digital age.

Lori Diamos

Mature Your Movement Science Practice with Gray Institute

If you are looking to revitalize your movement practice like Lori, we are ready to help. At Gray Institute, we prioritize the heart-mind-body connection to provide a practical and personalized approach to your movement science toolbelt.

To get started, take a look at our current course catalog or reach out to us directly. We would love to get to know more about your movement journey to help you build an education that’s right for you and your clients.

We hope to see you soon!