In part two of our 3DMAPS attendees series we profile Joe Rowley, a physical therapist from New Zealand, who says that the best part of 3DMAPS is “learning how to apply my knowledge specific to a context.”


Name: Joe Rowley

Profession: Physical Therapist; Massage Therapist

Employer: Physiologic

Certifications: PT; NCMT; CPT

Hometown: New Zealand


How did you get started in the industry?

I initially trained as a clinical massage therapist and got my degree in physiotherapy. I was studying applied biomechanics. But going back from there, I used to compete in martial arts. I used to teach snowboarding, which is where I got my passion for movement and teaching movement.

How did you get involved with the Gray Institute?

I lived in London for a while and worked at a sports medicine clinic. One of the osteopaths there was a GIFT fellow, and that got me interested in the Gray Institute and 3DMAPS.

What are your goals for 3DMAPS?

I suppose a big part of being here was…well, I never heard of 3DMAPS, and I wasn’t aware they were putting it together until I attended GIFT. It just made sense to stay the extra day for this, for 3DMAPS, since I was coming all this way. Just having them together was really helpful.

What are you most excited about?

It’s an exciting idea! Coming from a sports background, I love surfing, martial arts, barefoot running; it’s exciting to learn more about movement. The comprehensive approach to understanding human movement.  I didn’t do a lot of background reading or research on this thing, and I was just really interested in what they put together. I’m excited to hear and learn what they’ve come up with for this course.

How has Applied Functional Science impacted your career?

It’s early days, and I’m only a few months into the course. Already I think it’s just really helping to clarify and solidify some movements. Applied Functional Science has given me a format and a way to organize my ideas so I can think on my feet. I can tailor my therapy to the individual and their goals. I’m learning how to apply my knowledge specific to a context rather than having to learn how to do certain protocols or a certain way to do my job. It’s a philosophy that I can use on the fly.

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