For individuals with acute orthopedic recovery needs, Biomechanix Physical Therapy is their go-to facility. That’s because co-owners Tim Dunne and Craig Gailbasini have created a fun, caring, and supportive atmosphere where patients with even the most acute or uncommon conditions can get the help they need to recover. At the core of their approach is a deep understanding of Applied Functional Science® and a commitment to understanding the root cause of each patient’s dysfunction.

Craig and Tim Use Applied Functional Science to Inform Their Individualized Approach

In college, Craig had a physical therapy professor who applied individualized treatments to his patients instead of following “cookbook” exercises he’d seen other physical therapists implement. Craig’s professor took him and a few other students to a lecture by Dr. David Tiberio (Academic Dean at Gray Institute®) and encouraged them to enroll in a Gray Institute course. This approach just made sense to Craig. A personalized approach got better results every time, and it was true to human movement. He immediately applied the techniques in his practice and hasn’t looked back since.

Understanding the Individual Helps Tim and Craig Relieve Years of Pain

At the heart of their practice is a commitment to understanding the root of the problem, creating individualized recovery plans, and supporting patients with their needs in mind, body, and spirit. Craig and Tim work as a team to support one another and to support their patients in their recovery. It’s an approach that continues to work.

“I had a friend whose back would intermittently go out,” Craig explains. “I mentioned that we need to figure out what was causing his back pain [so we can address it].”

Using Applied Functional Science biomechanics and principles, Craig was able to identify that the motion of his friend’s big toe was extremely limited. This limitation caused his foot to turn outward, which limited his hip extension and caused the pelvis to rotate forward. This caused joint compression and pain in his lower back. After addressing issues with his big toe, Craig says that his friend has never had another problem with back pain.

Currently, Craig is treating a patient who plays basketball. He’s had issues with both ankles; the athlete had surgery on the right, and has problems with sprains on the left. His right ankle hasn’t felt right or the same since surgery a year ago, which was an issue because he’d signed a letter of intent with a Division I school. Understandably, the client was concerned about his ability to play when his ankles were still not fully healed.

“Using AFS, I was able to identify biomechanical limitations that were impeding his performance with basketball,” Craig says. “Within two weeks of physical therapy to address these deficits, that patient noted his ankle is feeling the best it has in a year. He is playing without an ankle brace, and is jumping much more effectively off of his left leg.”

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Craig and Tim Invest in Applied Functional Science for Their Practice

Because Craig and Tim understand the value of investing in their ongoing education and know how AFS has positively impacted their approach and their career, they’ve encouraged their staff to invest in Gray Institute training as well.

“We are excited to have our third physical therapist, Amber Kline, go through the GIFT Program, Craig says. “It is wonderful to be able to see her treatment approach and problem-solving ability improve, and her confidence continues to [grow].”

For Tim and Craig, the seeds sown by Gray Institute empower them to understand the body’s biomechanics and make treatment choices based on each unique patient.

“Gray Institute has been the single most influential and important source of learning for me as a PT, clinic director, and father,” says Tim. “It puts all the pieces together in a logical, science-based manner.”

Understand the Body, Revolutionize Your Career With Gray Institute

Every person and every injury are unique. At Gray Institute, we believe that for treatment to be effective and long-lasting, exercises need to be tailored to each person’s circumstance. And to do that, you need to understand how the body moves in real life and not just textbook theory.

If you’re ready to learn how the body really moves and understand how to get the best results through an individualized approach, you’re ready to enroll at Gray Institute. We have a wide variety of courses to help you grow, including in assessments, corrective exercises, soft tissue treatment, and the GIFT fellowship program that was so instrumental for Craig, Tim, and their team. To learn which course is right for you,  don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out our simple online form.

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