If someone asked you, “What are the driving principles you use in your care,” what would you say? The words and phrases used to answer this question should capture how we deliver care and hope to those we serve. We should value, respect, and appreciate those in our care and keep their best interest at heart while we deliver what we’ve promised. But how does one develop that drive and maintain focus?

We asked one of our GIFT Fellows about the principles that drive him and he summarized his aim this way: “I treat clients the way I would treat my parents.”

That GIFT Fellow, Jason Hodge, is the Founder of Texas-based Medical Fitness Pros, whose work sits in the growing space between personal training and physical therapy. Before starting his business, Jason worked in a typical training gym. There, all he ever saw was change. The trainers surrounding him were focused on using many techniques with “...no rhyme or reason for what or why they are doing things,” and getting mixed and inconsistent results. Jason knew there had to be a better way.

Based on his research, he moved to a protocol-based approach, intent on delivering predictable and consistent results. He was excited about the shift to more advanced and technical work, but “there were times when clients didn’t always fit into the protocol.” Over time, the frequency of this situation increased, and his frustrations grew. Because of his values, he knew he hadn’t yet found the recipe for success. Soon after, he discovered Gray Institute and Applied Functional Science® (AFS).

Jason began his journey with Gray Institute® in January of 2021. After taking his first course, he immediately recognized the impact. “AFS is the sweet spot… It’s amazing how quickly and effectively it truly works,” Jason shared. “It helps you get away from chasing the symptoms and, instead, helps you focus on the root cause of the problem.”

After gaining a solid foundation in his first year of studying AFS through 3DMAPS®, Female Chain Reaction®, Active Aging, and Functional Yoga System, Jason enrolled in GIFT so he could be mentored as he led his team through a shift from traditional methods to an AFS-based approach. “In some ways, it goes against the way I've been doing things for years. But if I truly care about my clients, I should be doing what is best for them to produce the best results. And that's why I have totally changed the way we are working with our clients.”

Jason Hodge, GIFT Fellow

Nearly three years later, the thread of Applied Functional Science is now firmly established on Jason’s team thanks to his values, leadership, research, tenacity, and guidance from his GIFT mentors. His team’s hard work and use of AFS have allowed them to make a lasting, positive impact on countless lives resulting in his business becoming a trusted source for medical recovery, fitness, and performance by many physicians, hospitals, and medical clinics in the Houston area. When asked about the satisfaction of finding the solution he was looking for, he said, “I love what we are becoming… We want to do what no one else is willing to do, and we hope others in our community will follow.”

For Jason at his team at Medical Fitness Pros, their focus on treating each patient using compassion, honesty, and hope based on the principles of Applied Functional Science allows them to be at peace knowing their delivery aligns with their values.

To learn more about the work of Jason and his team, visit medicalfitnesspros.com. If you would like to gain the success found using Applied Functional Science, request a free call with one of our education consultants.