Robert is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is passionate about individualized treatment and Applied Functional Science®. He co-founded Empower Golf Performance two years ago, offering golfers of all ages and skill levels personalized golf performance training and physical therapy. Robert has always pushed himself to learn more and fill the gaps in his education.

As part of his continuing education, he discovered Gray Institute® and its Functional Golf System.

Robert’s Approach to Golf Performance and Therapy Aligns Perfectly With Gray Institute

Even before he discovered Gray Institute, Robert realized that his patients’ unique biomechanics impacted their golf swing. His practice offers 100% individualized treatment and coaching, not a cookie-cutter, formulaic approach to the game.

He notes, “We believe there isn’t just one right way to swing a golf club; there are an infinite number of ways to swing. However, there is one right way for each person to swing the golf club, based on what they can or cannot do.”

When he began searching for additional golf training, he wanted to find a program that reflected his approach and perspective. Gray Institute’s Functional Golf System was the perfect match.

At Gray Institute, we embrace the truths of Applied Functional Science, using careful, data-based assessments to understand and improve human movement. We emphasize a personalized approach that tends to people’s bodies, minds, and spirits, all while applying physical, biological, and psychological research to their movement.

The Functional Golf System takes this revolutionary approach and applies it to every facet of the game, leveraging more than 250 golf-specific movements to boost golfers’ performance, understanding of the game, and ability to recover from injuries.

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Functional Golf System Delivers Immediate Results

“I appreciated how the program was specific and functional to golf,” says Robert. “[The Gray Institute team] really spent the time establishing the foundation for everything they believe, and I enjoyed their explanation and reasoning for what they were doing and why.”

After taking the Functional Golf System course, Robert immediately implemented the lessons he learned in his practice. His patients and clients also noticed his improved, true-to-life, functional approach.

“Clients have already verbalized how much they enjoy it,” Robert says of the new techniques. “And they see how it directly applies to their golf game. We have had clients increase their yardage on all clubs by 15 yards after one session utilizing the Functional Golf System.”

These results even helped Robert gain new potential customers. After posting a video on Instagram of a client performing course exercises, several people messaged him, inquiring about his services.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With the Functional Golf System

At Gray Institute, we believe that much of the dysfunction in the body can be addressed and resolved when you understand the truths of human movement. That’s why our Functional Golf System is designed to support and empower any movement professional working with golfers. This system organizes, sequences, and delivers individualized, golf-specific training programs that help you, the movement professional, prepare the body to make the swing.

According to Robert, the Functional Golf System was one of the best educational courses he has taken. “The system was easy to add and integrate into our facility. And the Functional Golf System filled in a lot of the ‘functional gaps’ other systems were missing.”

When you enroll in our Functional Golf System, you’ll learn the truths that impact golfers’ performance, and how to customize exercises based on individual needs. It’s a system that will change your approach, and your business, for good.

Ready to Find the Missing Piece in Your Golf Training Program? Let’s Talk!

If your goal is to help golfers achieve their goals at any level of play, the Gray Institute Functional Golf System is designed to give you the tools and expertise to do just that. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or have never swung a club in your life, you’ll be able to create programs for injured golfers, learn functional exercises, and watch your patients or clients find success on and off the green.

To learn more about our course offerings, identify missing functional pieces in your current systems, and to determine if the Functional Golf System is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We love meeting movement practitioners from around the world and are happy to answer your questions. Schedule your free consultation with our team today by filling out this simple online contact form.

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