By Doug Gray, FAFS, FMR, NG360° GPS, CAFS, 3DMAPS

GIFT (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation) is Gray Institute’s 40-week mentorship in Applied Functional Science®. This one-of-a-kind program, which dramatically enhances one’s professional career (and personal life), began in 2007. Fast-forward to now … GIFT is drastically different now than what it was in 2007. Not night-and-day different, such as opposites, yet better and better different, due to upping the standard each and every year.

Isn’t that how education should be?

Not being satisfied with the “status quo,” but raising the standard constantly is how education should evolve. In fact, that was, perhaps, one of the driving strategies behind creating this post-professional education program. The fact of the matter is that education, when it comes to the Movement Industry, needs to evolve, based on science and the functional application of principles – of truth.

What can one expect from GIFT?

Perhaps the answer is summed up in the following testimonial from a GIFT Graduate:

“GIFT has been the most influential course I have taken. The understanding of Applied Functional Science® has radically altered my clinical practice, enabling me to transcend from a technique-based clinician to a principle-based therapist. Aside from the greater understanding of human biomechanics, the information has enabled me to gain more enjoyment from my clinical encounters as well as become a more effective practitioner. Financially, these benefits have been realized by increased patient demand and greater inter-practitioner referrals for my clinical skills. GIFT might be seen as a long and expensive journey … However, it is worth its weight in gold – not just for the clinician you will become, but also for the lifelong friends you will make. Having completed the mentorship, I would now happily pay double.”

What can one experience from GIFT?

Perhaps the “gold” of GIFT is not necessarily the content, but the community. A community that encourages one another, enhances one another, and enlightens one another. A recent GIFT Graduate put it this way:

“GIFT has been a tremendously rewarding experience, from the excitement each week as new content is released, to the anticipation and joy of interacting with diverse group of equally passionate and enjoyable people. The content and learning is outstanding, but is not even close to the rewarding relationships built throughout the year in GIFT. I highly recommend to anyone who works in the movement industry.”

What is the evidence from GIFT?

Perhaps the answer is in both what drives professionals to take GIFT and the satisfactory outcomes / effects of the program. Some reasons why professionals choose to take GIFT are as follows:

It was recommended by a GIFT Fellow, I wanted to become the best personal trainer, to learn the truth about movement / function, to become better at helping others, to complete the picture that was incomplete following PT School, I wasn’t happy with good enough, I wanted to be surrounded by like-hearted professionals, to add value to my practice, I saw how other GIFT Fellows address issues more effectively and efficiently, because GIFT is the most comprehensive course in the Movement Industry. The list goes on and on.

My question to you is this – Is GIFT right for you?

As you ponder this question, I will leave you with another quote by a GIFT Graduate:

“I initially signed up to embark on the GIFT Journey so that I could learn about Applied Functional Science® because I saw it as a great tool to help with movement assessments and treatments. While it does give an in-depth perspective on biomechanics, GIFT is so much more than learning about the movement sciences. I found a new perspective on life, which has helped me with my own personal development, and in doing so allows me to better treat those I serve.”

GIFT Tuition Costs

You'll find four options for tuition:

  1. In-Full – $14,440 (Includes $200 Application Deposit Credit).
  2. 1-Year Quarterly Installments (4 Installments) –1st Installment is $3,800 (Includes $200 Application Deposit Credit); 2nd (March 2018), 3rd (June 2018), and 4th (September 2018) Installments are each $3,800.
  3. 2-Year Quarterly Installments (8 Installments) – 1st Installment is $3,800 (Includes $200 Application Deposit Credit); 2nd (March 2018), 3rd (June 2018), 4th (September 2018), 5th (December 2018), 6th (March 2019), 7th (June 2019), and 8th (September 2019). Installments are each $1,714.
  4. 2-Year Monthly Installments (Initial Installment + 24 Monthly Installments) – Initial Installment is $3,800 (Includes $200 Application Deposit Credit); 24 Monthly Installments (January 2018 through December 2019) are each $500.

Includes tuition, educational materials, instruction, licensing of the use of GIFT materials, GIFT Gathering ground transportation, meals, and recreation. (Air transportation and lodging not included.)

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