Coronavirus is forcing people to socially distance themselves and shelter in place. While this self-isolation is essential, it threatens personal trainers’ and physical therapists’ ability to work with their clients and patients. How can you treat someone when you can’t work with them in person? Train them from home using a remote training app!

During these uncertain times, our community must find ways to keep working with patients and clients. In this blog, we’ll outline how our new Gray Institute® App lets you do just that.

The Advantages of Using a Remote Training App

Right now, most of us are reevaluating how we live, work, and play. People are looking for solutions that offer ways to stay healthy, upbeat, and as close to “normal” as possible. And because there’s no timeline for how long this crisis will last, we need to start building a long-term plan that protects our clients, patients, and businesses.

At Gray Institute, we’re pushing forward to find the best solution. Today, telehealth is becoming increasingly popular, since it lets people get the care they need from anywhere in the world. We believe remote training technology can help you connect with individuals during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Transitioning to remote training is the solution we need right now. As practitioners and experts in our field, and as people suddenly stuck at home, we want and need to maintain a routine and stay as healthy as possible. Our App, which includes the HomeFit feature, will be an invaluable resource as you move forward.

The Gray Institute App gives you the ability to send clients and patients personalized workouts and exercises without a face-to-face appointment. HomeFit offers a variety of benefits:

  • Produce content like videos, blogs, and podcasts for your clients
  • Build workout templates
  • Build your own custom exercises and workouts
  • Add a group scheduler 
  • Maintain your business while encouraging social distancing

How the Gray Institute App Works

With more and more people looking for ways to meet remotely, many of us are connecting with friends, colleagues, and loved ones on live streams and video chat. However, movement industry experts need a more refined way to build relationships with clients and keep a steady flow of income. The HomeFit application offers you ways to do just that. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Gray Institute App to your electronic device. In addition to HomeFit, the App includes videos, all-new content, and forums.
  • Create a Gray Institute App account.
  • Click on the HomeFit application in the App.
  • Invite your clients to train remotely.
  • Assess your clients through the App, using 3DMAPS®-based tools.
  • Build workouts for individual clients, using our extensive library of exercises. You can also save time by creating templated workouts and customizing them for individuals down the road.
  • Send your personalized workouts to your clients; you will also have the opportunity to insert your practice’s logo and brand elements.
  • Keep learning and growing through our remarkable collection of content, videos, and our forum.

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Ready to Train Clients or Patients Remotely? Follow This Checklist

Make the transition to a remote practice as simple as possible. These steps should help you get started:

Create a Home Training Space

Without the comforts of a gym, facility, or office, it’s in your best interest to recreate your ideal work environment at home as best you can. We recommend converting a large room into your workspace. You’ll need a camera for streaming (a high-quality cell phone or tablet’s camera should be sufficient), high-speed internet, and good lighting.

Get the Right Equipment

Not every client or patient will have a complete home gym. Get creative about what equipment you recommend to clients and develop a bodyweight exercise regimen that helps people stay healthy with minimal equipment.

Promote Your Services

People are looking for ways to stay healthy and boost their wellness. If you’re offering remote training services, let people know! Share your offerings on social media, ask your clients to refer you to friends, and reach out to your network for connections.

Stay Connected

Staying home can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. Take this time to stay connected with your friends, loved ones, and likeminded movement professionals. The Gray Institute App includes a networking feature you can use to connect with other providers, ask questions about their remote services, and offer encouragement.

Gray Institute: Equipping Movement Science Professionals With the Tools They Need in Difficult Times

At Gray Institute, we take a functional approach to health and healing. We know that difficult times call for ingenious solutions and are proud to support movement professionals with the tools they need during challenging times.

To learn more about our app and to download, please click here. Or, if you have questions for our team about our online continuing education classes and other resources, please reach out to us using our simple online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!