We get it. At Gray Institute®, we have a lot of course offerings. Deciding which one to enroll in can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to offer some guidance for personal trainers who are looking for educational opportunities.

What makes Gray Institute education a great choice for personal trainers is our approach. We use Applied Functional Science® to understand the truths of human movement and develop exercises and treatment programs that make sense for each individual client. When you enroll with Gray Institute, you’ll gain an understanding of the human body and biomechanics, and the tools you need to address specific problems and movement dysfunction.

In this blog, we’ll outline one of our most recommended courses for personal trainers: Certification in Applied Functional Science®. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative program!

Ready to Begin Your Journey With Gray Institute? Here’s Where to Start

We typically recommend that personal trainers and other movement professionals who work in niche industries start their educational journey with our Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS). CAFS is the first certification of its kind in the movement industry. Rather than focusing on protocols, it embraces the truths of human movement and takes a holistic approach that considers an individual’s unique needs and biomechanics.

When you enroll in the course, you’ll learn the principles of Applied Functional Science:

  • How the body moves in three planes of motion
  • The ten observational essentials
  • Differences between local and global movements
  • How chain reactions positively and negatively impact our movement
  • Why localized pain is often a symptom of a deeper problem

These principles empower us to understand the truths of human movement.

When we understand how the body truly moves, we can identify when things go wrong, why, and how to correct those movements. CAFS isn’t a formula. It’s a system for understanding movement and function that complements your formal education and empowers you to break through plateaus and dead ends that come from protocols that don’t account for the unique variation from client to client.

What Sets Applied Functional Science Apart

CAFS is an extraordinary and essential exercise tool. Once you understand how the body truly moves, you can apply that knowledge to any discipline, no matter how specialized. With this information in hand, you can design unlimited customized programs that focus on your clients’ unique needs and goals. Whether you’re a new personal trainer or have been in the business for decades, you’ll learn something new from our CAFS course.

Some of the diverse professionals CAFS has empowered include:

CAFS is also CEU-eligible through multiple organizations and states, so you can get the education units you need to continue your career path. We hold courses in-person, for groups, and online, so you can always learn at your own pace.

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Get Exclusive Resources on the Gray Institute App

Not sure you’re ready for a course but still want exclusive access to career-boosting resources? The Gray Institute app is the solution you’ve been looking for! When you subscribe to our app, you’ll gain access to our resource library, case studies you won’t be able to read anywhere else, the Remote Trainer application, the Gray Institute forum, and à la carte consultations with Gray Institute leadership. It’s a great way to get to know our approach, whether you’ve enrolled in one course or all of them!

Transform Your Personal Training Career With Gray Institute

At Gray Institute, we’ve been on the cutting edge of the movement industry for over 40 years. Today, we’re developing new courses that give you the tools you need to provide your clients with world-class training in addition to our core courses that have inspired and educated thousands of movement professionals around the globe.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Our Certification in Applied Functional Science can help. Please visit our CAFS course page to learn more, ask questions, or enroll. Or, feel free to fill out this simple online contact form to reach out directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!