At Gray Institute, we’re continually innovating. However, we also believe that strong foundations are essential. When it comes to human movement, our foundation is the scientific truths of Applied Functional Science®. In the human body, the feet and ankles are our foundation.

The foot and ankle can be challenging to rehabilitate, and even train. To further complicate things, movement professionals are not always taught how to assess the foot and ankle’s function. It’s difficult to address issues when you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. You may know that the feet and ankles can contribute to knee and back pain, but it can also cause Chain Reactions® that lead to shoulder issues, headaches, and even elbow dysfunction. You need to identify the root cause if you really want your clients and patients to function efficiently and effectively.

That’s why we’re proud to offer movement professionals meaningful insight into the wonderful world of the foot and ankle through our newest course, Foot / Ankle Specialization.

What Makes Foot / Ankle Specialization Different?

Our Foot / Ankle Specialization is the first course of its kind. It provides movement professionals with detailed and comprehensive insight into how our feet and ankles are essential to our bodies’ Chain Reactions. While there are other foot and ankle courses on the market, many focus on running, a specific sport, or a single injury. They also offer cookie-cutter protocols where you work just on the foot and ankle and not in an integrated fashion with the rest of the body.

Furthermore, most traditional approaches examine the foot and ankle on a table and not on the floor, as it functions in real life. This is a problem. You can never accurately, fully explore, and understand function when your client or patient is lying on a table. Foot / Ankle Specialization will teach you how to assess and treat the foot and ankle in real life, when it’s weight-bearing and functioning.

Foot / Ankle Specialization uses the principles of Applied Functional Science, Chain Reaction®, and 3DMAPS® to give you the tools you need to understand the motions of the foot and ankle. This course takes a hyper-local approach to movement. Once you understand the individual parts, you’ll realize how they relate to the body as a whole.

Most importantly, this approach is grounded in real-life function. We never examine how the feet and ankle perform outside of a real-world context. And we give you the tools you need to consider your patients’ or clients’ needs as individuals, rather than trying to apply a standardized method that won’t work for everyone. With Foot / Ankle Specialization, you get a scientifically sound system for analysis and treatment that you can immediately use.

Who Would Benefit From Foot / Ankle Specialization?

Like any course at Gray Institute, there is something for everyone with Foot / Ankle Specialization. Because we focus on the truths of human movement, you’ll be able to apply what you learn in your practice or clinic, regardless of your specific industry or discipline. No matter who you work with or how you train, you’ll be able to look at their feet and understand the dysfunction in their body and how to address it.

Even if your practice doesn’t seem to target the feet and ankles, you can still benefit from Foot / Ankle Specialization. The body is an interconnected whole, so you will likely encounter a patient or client who is struggling with dysfunction stemming from their feet and ankles.

While this course is suitable for anyone eager to learn more about how the body truly works, we especially encourage these movement professionals to enroll:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Chiropractors
  • Podiatrists
  • Occupational therapy assistants
  • Therapy aides
  • Osteopaths
  • Movement specialists
  • Strength and conditioning coaches
  • Physical therapist assistants

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At Gray Institute, we’re proud to empower practitioners like you with the skills they need to deliver world-class care. We’re incredibly proud of this new offering and know you find it valuable, too. To learn more about the Foot / Ankle Specialization, including CEU eligibility, contact hours, or to enroll, please visit the course page. Or, you can contact our team directly to talk about your goals, educational needs, and how Foot / Ankle Specialization can enhance your career.

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