Introducing the New Gray Institute App: Get 40 Years of Expertise at Your Fingertips

For decades, Gray Institute® has educated movement professionals about Applied Functional Science® and how the body really works. Now, we’re excited to launch our new Gray Institute App. With access to membership-only tools and resources in addition to new features, you’ll have our expertise at your fingertips.

Invest in your professional development and improve your client results with the unique resources and convenient on-the-go format of our newest offering of Applied Functional Science tools. Keep reading to learn more about the app’s features and benefits. 

The Most Sought-After Features for Movement Professionals 

Based on our experience with countless movement professionals, our team built an app that provides exactly what you need. When you join our app community, you’ll have access to valuable features, including: 

Movement Professionals Discussion Forum 

You can post, view, and answer questions on our forum of skilled and like-minded professionals. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with practitioners from around the world and across a variety of fields. You can use the discussion forum to: 

  • Ask and answer questions 
  • Experiment and brainstorm 
  • Clarify assumptions 
  • Learn new approaches 
  • Share unique ideas 

Case Studies 

Every month, our leadership team will share case studies about their work with real patients and innovative approach to Applied Functional Science. Addressing both common and complicated issues, these detailed videos and stories can help you improve your patients' and clients’ outcomes – and spark conversation on our forum. 

Resource Libraries 

The Gray Institute App includes a wide variety of resources and libraries of content for movement professionals in all industries.  

Movement Library  The movement video library is an extensive library of hundreds of videos demonstrating movements and workouts for a variety of goals. The library includes a collection of videos from our 3DMAPS®, CAFS, FSTT, and Golf programs. 

Content Library   Boost your professional development and stay up to date on techniques and news by checking out our content library resources. We offer educational resources for all learning styles, in the form of videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and more. 

Remote Trainer Application 

Included in your subscription to the Gray Institute App is access to our popular Remote Trainer application. With Remote Trainer, you can create, share, and prescribe exercises for clients and colleagues while on the go.  

The Remote Trainer offers a completely customizable experience for both you and your clients. Evaluate clients’ progress, create customized workouts, and share them in a personalized format that highlights your brand and business. 

Virtual Consultations 

Sometimes even the best movement professionals run into a challenge they can’t resolve on their own. If you’re struggling with how to help your client reach their goals or get your patient back in the game, consult with a member of the Gray Institute leadership team. 

Our most sought-after feature on the app, virtual consultations allow you to ask the experts at Gray Institute and get help for those tough-to-crack cases. You’ll also be able to send general information and videos to help with our analysis. 

We’ve made virtual consultations quick, efficient, and easy to use: 

  1. Go to the Consult tab in the app. 
  2. Click “Start New Consult.” 
  3. Upload two videos of the client or patient’s movements as prompted. 
  4. Provide information about the client or patient’s physical issues and history. 
  5. Submit your request for a consult.

A movement expert on our team will review your case and begin a dialog with you right in the app. They may request additional information or make treatment suggestions. All information shared is completely confidential and protected under HIPPA privacy rules. 

In-app consults are also an affordable way to get the answers you need. Because your needs and client base are always evolving, we offer consultations on an à la carte basis. You can either purchase a package of credits or a single virtual consultation.

What You’ll Get Out of the Gray Institute App 

Whether you’re treating a patient or improving a client’s performance, the Gray Institute App provides benefits for any movement professional.  

  • Get on-the-go answers: Wherever you are, whenever you need it, you’ll have access to our resource libraries, community of movement professionals, and leadership consultations.  
  • Help your clients thrive: Whether you’re improving your clients’ performance or coaching them through a recovery period, the Gray Institute App offers new and convenient ways to get them the help they need. 
  • Expand your business: With the personalized branding features in the Remote Trainer application and the ability to develop complete client routines on the fly, you’ll be able to expand your business and show off your expertise.  

Download the Gray Institute App Today 

While you can download the Gray Institute App on both the App Store and Google Play, the best way to subscribe is directly through us. You can explore your subscription options here

Want to learn more about the Gray Institute App? Check out our app page on the website and feel free to reach out with any questions.