Jay J. is the men’s basketball coach at Forest Park High School in Georgia. He also serves as the school’s performance coach for their other teams, including softball, track and field, and football. To guide these athletes, Jay continually pushes himself to improve his knowledge and processes. “I enjoy movement,” says Jay, “and want others to experience optimal movement.”

But Jay struggled to find the educational resources he needed to help all of his students excel. Gray Institute® gave him the unique educational experience and resources he needed.

Gray Institute Offered Jay a Fresh Perspective on Movement

While searching for continuing education opportunities, Jay discovered Gray Institute. The institute was different than other educational organizations he found online. With its focus on treating the individual rather than the condition, Jay knew that Gray Institute’s offerings were a perfect fit and could help him train clients regardless of their age and sport.

He started using Gray Institute’s resource libraries and tools to help his students improve their game. Then, he decided to take his education one step further and signed up for the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) mentorship program.

The 40-week program gave him an in-depth understanding of the principles, strategies, and techniques he needed to help his students grow as athletes and people.

“As a GIFT Fellow, I am trained to consider the mind, body, and spirit. And that coincides with my role in Health and Physical Education. My goal is always to get to know each individual on a personal level before attempting to assist them with their movement needs.”

Through GIFT, Jay became credentialed as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS), as well as becoming certified in Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR). Furthermore, he joined the ranks of a unique and special community of movement professionals.

Today, Jay continues to benefit from our community of like-minded professionals with whom he can brainstorm ideas and learn new techniques. He is constantly pushing himself to learn more and improve his skills as a performance coach.

Applied Functional Science® Improved Jay’s Work

Seven years after discovering Gray Institute, Jay has taken our teachings and incorporated them into everything he does.

“[Gray Institute] guides our thought process,” says Jay, “as we aren’t given a set of things that are a ‘must,’ we are given an understanding of the body, how it works, and from there we can decide the best path to take to assist people with their movement needs.”

This focus on the individual was precisely what Jay needed to help all his students and clients. Thanks to his knowledge of Applied Functional Science, his athletes have improved performance and endurance – and can remain strong throughout the season.

Join Thousands of Movement Professionals, Like Jay, at Gray Institute

Gray Institute’s GIFT program has helped Jay and over a thousand other movement professionals:

  • Round out their movement education
  • Learn how the body truly functions and moves
  • Effectively treat and train individuals, not their conditions
  • Take the next step in their careers
  • Share experiences with other movement professionals

Interested in learning how GIFT and Gray Institute’s other courses, resources, and memberships can help you improve your practice? Check out our Courses page to view our offerings and contact us to learn more.