When Joe was a young trainer and dumbbell coach, a conversation changed his life. He was talking to a fellow strength and conditioning coach, Todd Wright, who started discussing the biomechanics of the foot in a remarkable level of detail. Joe was astonished and completely lost.

“You need to go see Dr. Gary Gray,” Todd said. Soon after, he introduced Joe to Gray Institute®. Nearly ten years after that conversation took place, Joe has become a respected body and performance coach who works with a wide range of clients, including professional athletes.

“[Gray Institute] is the most instrumental thing that’s ever been a part of my life,” he reports.

Joe’s GIFT Mentorship Builds Confidence and His Knowledge of Biomechanics

Even though he already had a master’s degree, Joe felt intimidated by his GIFT (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation) mentorship classmates. He saw himself as “just a trainer,” while many of them were physical therapists, doctors, and occupational therapists. However, he quickly realized that they all had a lot to learn about human movement and that he offered a valuable perspective.

“At the end of the day,” Joe says, “we all have the same goals, no matter who we are, and our goals are to make someone a better mover. But to do that, we need to know how human movement works.”

During GIFT, he learned how mind, body, and spirit all impact our movements and ability to reach our potential. Besides learning how to evaluate and improve a client’s movements and unique biomechanics, Joe discovered how relationships and trust are essential to healing and performance.

Since becoming a GIFT Fellow in 2012, Joe has taken almost every single Gray Institute course. He notes that movement professionals owe it to themselves and their clients to push themselves and become lifetime learners.

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A Competitive Edge Helps Joe Find Success

Today, Joe is a respected movement practitioner and the owner of a body coaching business, Train 4 Your Best. He has built many of Gray Institute’s core principles into his practice and has earned the trust of numerous professional and collegiate athletes. Train 4 Your Best also serves the greater community, offering body coaching, sports performance, movement recovery, and corporate wellness services.

Joe embraces the truths of Applied Functional Science® (AFS) because they are firmly grounded in science and deliver exceptional results. He’s found that the techniques he’s learned at Gray Institute allow him to train athletes based on their individual needs and specific goals. And when he encounters a challenging issue, he can always turn to Gary and the team at Gray Institute for guidance and advice.


Community and Continual Growth: What Sets Gray Institute Apart

In addition to Gray Institute’s “life-changing” perspective on movement and healing, Joe says that the most influential aspect of his experience is the way it feels like family.

He notes that other certifications and licenses require annual fees and burdensome requirements; otherwise, you lose your certification. These programs feel transactional and impersonal. But, with Gray Institute, the feeling of belonging is immediate, and the certifications don’t need to be renewed.

However, Joe finds himself coming back to Gray Institute year after year. He notes that the Institute is “always developing,” offering new programs and perspectives on Applied Functional Science. Joe knows that he can always learn more from Gray Institute and Gary Gray.

“You can’t really get away from Gray Institute,” says Joe, “because it shapes you. You’re able to be part of the family, and once you’re in, you don’t have to get more CEUs to stay. Gary treats me like a son. You just don’t get that anywhere else.”

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