The Importance of Forums for Continuous Development Within the Movement Industry

The movement industry is always changing. New techniques, perspectives, and challenges arise every day, and with them, the need for support as you learn and grow. However, in a time of remote work, sharing your challenges, joys, and learnings with like-minded professionals is as essential as it is difficult.

Many physical therapists and personal trainers are looking for creative ways to serve their patients and clients remotely, but they also need the support of a community. Forums, an online gathering place where users can share updates, ask questions, and offer support, can fill that need. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of forums for movement industry professionals, and suggest ways you can build connections from the comfort and safety of your home.

Forums Offer Professional and Psychological Benefits

A University of Exeter study suggests that participating in online discussion forums can improve your well-being and offline community engagement. The study found that forums not only provide answers to questions you might not be able to answer on your own, but they also subtly encourage the implementation of your key learnings in your practice and community.

Individuals who get affirmation, guidance, and moral support online can also reap significant emotional and psychological benefits from the practice. It can be easier to ask questions and discuss your struggles in an online forum than it is in “real life,” helping you find the answers and camaraderie you need.

Why does this matter for movement industry professionals? We understand that taking a functional approach to healing requires a different mindset and education than what many professionals learned in their formal training. When you have specific questions, seeking out the experience, expertise, and opinion of like-minded professionals invested in Applied Functional Science® is essential for growth and learning.

Giving and receiving support in Gray Institute’s digital community is a great way to promote continuous development without taking a class or seminar. And as more and more movement industry professionals look for creative ways to provide remote training and treatment options, building a supportive online network will become more important than ever as we begin to redefine physical therapy and personal training options.

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The Gray Institute App Is Here to Connect and Support Movement Industry Professionals

The Gray Institute App is your go-to source for industry-leading resources, information, and networking with other like-minded professionals. In addition to the forum offerings, the Gray Institute App offers users exclusive access to case studies, videos, and remote consultations with Gray Institute leadership for challenging cases. The App is a classroom, textbook, and team, available at your fingertips.

As more and more industry professionals are looking for ways to grow their business online and through remote work, it will be more important than ever to share successes, ask questions, and support one another online.

When you immerse yourself in our digital community, you’ll connect with the mobile Gray Institute network of physical therapists, personal trainers, occupational therapists, and other movement science experts around the world. You don’t have to leave your house, or even your device, to keep learning and building connections that will last a lifetime.

Ready to Take Your Community to the Next Level?

The Gray Institute community is like no other. In addition to launching our revolutionary new App, we’re also looking forward to celebrating the 15th year of our GIFT Fellowship in 2021. We’re proud to say that GIFT has helped more than 1,100 professionals deepen their understanding of human movement and connect with a passionate group of like-minded, industry-changing peers.

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Gray Institute: Supporting the Movement Science Community for Over 40 Years

At Gray Institute, we’re continually pushing the boundary of what’s possible. We don’t rely simply on textbooks and protocols. Instead, we focus on how the body moves in real life, helping movement professionals achieve meaningful and lasting results. When you need to take your education to the next level, our online courses and App are ready to support you every step of the way.

To learn more about our App, its forum, and to download, please click here. Or, if you have questions for our team about our online continuing education classes and other resources, please reach out to us using our simple online contact form.

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