What is Chain Reaction
by Dr. Gary Gray with Dr. David Tiberio

In his first podcast for Gray Institute, Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio discuss Chain Reaction, one of the critical principles of Applied Functional Science®.

Listen to the 25 minute podcast by two innovative doctors of physical therapy:

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Insights from the Podcast:

History of Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is based on a course put together by Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio called When the Feet Hit the Ground Everything Changes.

Dr. Gary Gray: And we realized coming out of school that understanding human movement was really important. And you and I didn’t have a clue on what the foot did, but we knew that when the foot moved, the knee moved and then the hip moved and the rest of the body moved. That was a huge fascination for both of us.

Beyond the Kinetic Chain

The term Kinetic Chain: A kinetic chain is the notion these joints and segments have an effect on one another during movement — when one is in motion, it creates a chain of events that affects the movement of neighboring joints and segments (definition from Healthline).

Dr. Gary Gray: But it seemed to be more powerful than that. There was a chain reaction that if my hand moved, everything else in my body moved… We need to understand and take advantage of what we call the Chain Reaction.

What is Chain Reaction?

Dr. David Tiberio: The connectedness of the body. When you understand how all the parts are together there are significant ramifications of appreciating that fact. It changes the way we do everything – the way we evaluate, the way we treat. Another word that comes to mind is integrated – that the parts of the body aren’t separate, they are integrated.

Movement is Complex

We might use techniques to examine a particular joint or muscle in isolation; we would rarely choose to do that out of our desire to see how the body works together.

Dr. Gary Gray: In order to study the knee, we have to see what influence the foot has on it in – let’s say walking – and what influence the hip has on it, and probably more importantly, what influence the knee has on the foot and what influence the knee has on the hip. The whole idea of Chain Reaction is complex but it’s necessary. It can be simple and it can simply lead us to the truth that we really need.

Do the principles of Chain Reaction Work?

Dr. David Tiberio: The proof of AFS and the proof of the Chain Reaction principles and strategies, and ultimately the techniques, is that we can retest immediately and see what difference we’ve made.

Listen to the full podcast for more insights from leaders in the Movement Industry: Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio.

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