Sheltering in Place? 4 Signs You Should Take an Online Personal Training Course

We believe education is an essential part of growth, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Certified personal trainers should become lifetime learners, revisiting old ideas, and investing in new ones. At Gray Institute®, we offer personal training courses that help you effectively train your clients using tools that are authentic to mind, body, and spirit. These classes are available online, making them an ideal quarantine activity for personal trainers stuck inside and out of the gym.

In this blog, we’ll outline signs you should consider investing in a supplemental personal training course or certification program.

Signs You’re Ready for a Personal Training Continuing Education Course

As part of your personal trainer certification, you probably need to meet continuing education credit or hour requirements. Sometimes, it’s hard to take time away from your practice, even for a home study course. However, it’s essential that movement professionals invest in themselves and their clients’ health—even during a pandemic. Not sure if now is the time to invest in a personal training course? Here are four signs you’re ready to grow your skills as a fitness trainer:

You Want to Improve Your Baseline Assessments

Baseline assessments are a helpful tool for tracking progress and orienting clients towards their results. For some people, dramatic weight loss and before-and-after photos are all they need to know their training program is working. However, as a trainer, you need to be able to offer them a more detailed account of their fitness milestones, especially when hidden issues hinder their progress. If you’re struggling to assess a client’s baseline beyond a simple range of motion exercises or the number of reps they can do, it’s time to consider a personal training CEU course.

Our online courses teach you how to analyze the entire spectrum of human movement, focusing on how the body works in real life. If you’re ready to learn how to assess your clients’ movements in all three planes of motion, 3DMAPS® is right for you. Our innovative approach can help you understand and leverage your clients’ movements, using the truths of Applied Functional Science®.

Your Workout Plans Are Getting Repetitive

Many clients hire personal trainers so they can fine-tune their workouts and get advice that is specific to them, their body, and their unique goals. When you’re struggling to find creative ways to keep your clients’ progress moving, or if you rely on stale, formulaic routines, your clients will notice. If this is the case, consider taking a supplemental personal training course to help you make more creative, personalized workouts and exercise programs.

If you’re looking for another source of community and inspiration, you can also use Gray Institute’s new app. This brand-new platform can help you apply your knowledge, remotely assessing clients’ performance, building new workouts, and connecting with a like-minded group of movement professionals.

You’re Not Sure How to Work With Certain Injuries or Conditions

When old, improperly healed injuries haunt your clients, you must know how to identify and work through them. In some cases, your client might be aware that their old blown-out knee makes certain activities more challenging and could inhibit progress. Other times, it’s up to you to identify the dysfunction, help them moderate their pain, and build strength as they recover from setbacks during your training sessions. A supplemental personal training course can help you do that.

Your Clients Aren’t Achieving Their Goals

If one of your clients has a goal of lowering their 5k time, but struggles to break through their previous personal record, you might be tempted to think that their issue is with endurance and encourage them to train longer and harder. However, there may be a Chain Reaction® within their body that’s limiting their performance.

It’s your job as a personal trainer to know when the problem is regimen-related, and when it’s something else, like form, tension, or injury. If you’re struggling to separate and identify issues, you should consider a personal training course that can help you evaluate a client’s progress and tweak their routines for the best possible results.

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Interested in Furthering Your Personal Training Education? CAFS Could Be for You

At Gray Institute, we know that the human body can’t be separated into parts or divorced from mind and spirit. That’s why, when we work with personal trainers, fitness training professionals, and others in the fitness industry, we encourage them to consider their clients as a whole. When you address their movement in all three planes of motion and factor in their physical and emotional needs, you’ll deliver lasting results.

For over 40 years, our methods have led the movement industry. One of our most popular courses is our Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS). CAFS is an invaluable, fundamental tool that equips fitness professionals with the tools they need to evaluate movement, identify dysfunction, and adjust movements for optimal results.

Applied Functional Science uses principles of physical, biological, and behavioral science to study movement. During the CAFS course, you’ll explore how the human body moves in real life, not in theory. Then, our team will give you the tools you need to assess, identify, and overcome your clients’ physical and mental roadblocks to success and build more effective workouts, corrective exercises, and weight management strategies.

If you’re unable to travel or attend an in-person CAFS course, you can still benefit from Gray Institute’s insight. We know that personal trainers sometimes need to learn at home on their own schedule, so we offer CAFS through an online course—and it’s eligible for continuing education credits.

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Continue Your Personal Training Education With Gray Institute

At Gray Institute, we’ve been pioneering a person-centered, functional approach to movement for over 40 years. To learn more about how our CEU-approved classes can transform your certified personal training, please feel free to review our online CAFS course offerings, or to reach out to us directly using our simple online form.

We look forward to hearing from you!