Simplexity is a word coined by Dr. Ken Ravizza and means to appreciate the complexity of the body while striving to make treatment simple for clients or patients experiencing pain.

As practitioners of movement science, we are often faced with clients/patients in pain.  Although pain is a complex neuroscience, it is widely accepted that pain can be simply defined as a SENSATION of a perceived threat. The sensation is a reaction, a protective reaction. Where this gets complex is in the understanding of where the threat is coming from. In AFS we appreciate the convergence of multiple pathways- physical, behavioral, chemical sciences. Experience suggests that the experience of pain involves multiple pathways, making its treatment complex. All movement practitioners must respect this complexity, while searching for a simple strategy to success.

Applied Functional Science® (AFS)

Biochemist Ida Pauline Rolf (1896-1979) known for developing a system of manual therapy and sensorimotor education, believed GRAVITY, is the therapist.  She stated “Instead of scientific validation of what we do.  We should explore scientific INVESTIGATION of what gravity does”.  A practitioner of AFS does exactly this!  We learn to first understand the unifying principles (like gravity creates reactions), before applying techniques!

Create Programs Using AFS

A program/treatment can be simple if we remove our bias, listen to the client/patient, observe how each individual reacts to load – let gravity be the practitioner. If pain is protecting and we react to gravity through sensory organs, then a simpler and more accurate approach would be to accept the individual’s success, where the individual’s threshold is that day, and use pain free movement variables as the starting point to increase the tolerance to load. So, the simple side to pain is to increase tolerance to load so the threat calms down.

Once calmed down, INCREMENTALLY apply variables that allow a pain-free reaction, keep the client experiencing success. If we don’t anchor to principles, variables can just become techniques without a purpose instead of logically applied variables based on successful reactions.

Being simple means we appreciate the complexity of the principles and have confidence in their power to incrementally adjust for the betterment of the client/patient.

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Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS) is the first certification of its kind that will empower the movement professional to create treatments and programs for the client’s specific needs based on their individual abilities and goals.

CAFS was developed for movement professionals from all industries and from all levels. The program includes more than 25 hours of video content, testing, and supplemental documents to help you design and implement functional programs based on the needs, wants, and goals of each unique client.

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