Already an accomplished Chicago-area fitness coach, Stacey needed a boost to take her career to the next level. She worked with clients of all ages and abilities at an athletic club, so she wanted training that equipped her with the skills and confidence to serve her diverse clientele. However, as a single mom, Stacey knew she needed to be selective about which education opportunities she invested in. With limited time and resources, she couldn’t afford to choose a program that wouldn’t help her reach her goals.

After consulting with a trusted coworker, Stacey applied to be a Gray Institute® GIFT Fellow and was thrilled when she was accepted. But this was just the beginning of her journey.

GIFT Fellowship Sets Stacey Up for Success

Through her GIFT education, Stacey learned how the body really moves and functions in real-world situations. Throughout the rigorous program, she gained tools that helped her understand her clients’ movements and how to deliver individual training programs tailored to their needs. Now, she was able to incorporate the physical, biological, and behavioral aspects of human movement into her work.

Because she truly understood human movements, Stacey grew her business as a trainer, quickly becoming one of the most requested Pilates instructors at the athletic club where she works.

“Dr. Gray always said his wish for us is to have a waiting list,” says Stacey. “Well, guess what? I have a waiting list!” Since becoming certified as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS), Stacey has people lining up to work with her because of her reputation for delivering workouts that get results — no matter the client’s age or ability. “You can take the information you learn in GIFT and apply it to any modality!” Stacey says.

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Gray Institute Offers Community and Career Support

As a single mom, Stacey already had a powerful motivation to succeed. Gray Institute offered her the tools to meet her goals. During her mentorship, Stacey connected with likeminded professionals who continue to provide her support, insight, referrals, and friendship.

Her GIFT education has also been integral in her business growth. Stacey is the top Pilates trainer at her company, and she’s experienced steady growth each year since becoming a Fellow of Applied Functional Science — an investment that paid for itself in about a year!

It’s been two years since graduation, and her employer now ranks her as one of their top trainers company-wide, across all skill sets. She credits her Gray Institute education and its emphasis on process over protocol, which complimented her natural leadership abilities and ambition.

Take Your Training to the Next Level With Gray Institute

At Gray Institute, we’ve been equipping movement science professionals with a world-class education for over 40 years. If you want to fill gaps in your training and understand the truths of human movement, Gray Institute’s GIFT Program could be right for you. Want to learn more about how GIFT can help your business or practice? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Schedule your free consultation today by filling out this simple online contact form.

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