At Gray Institute, we hope to help movement professionals from any background, vertical, or skill level increase their competence, confidence, and community when engaging with our content. We were contacted by Pilates expert and instructor, Brandon Calleja Shaw who had recently completed our 3-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS®) certification. Mr. Shaw expressed his reasons for purchasing the course and then shared the information's positive impact on his work. He then told us he wanted to inform others in the Pilates community of his findings, leading him to write and post a review of our product on his website. To read his review of 3DMAPS, visit his website, Versus Pilates. Below is an excerpt of his thoughts and findings.

Brandon Calleja Shaw teaches at Aero Joe Pilates in Birmingham Alabama  |  Submitted Photos


Excerpt from "Gray Institute 3DMAPS Review" from, Retrieved July 1, 2023:

3DMAPS stands for Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System. It is the Gray Institute’s progressive method of analyzing a client’s movement capabilities. 

Pilates has justly been criticized for having clients stuck on their backs in the sagittal plane. 3DMAPS exercises are all standing, and they encourage fluency and transitioning through the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes. So 3DMAPS will encourage you and your clients to think and work three-dimensionally, which is a big plus.

3DMAPS encourages you to focus on clients’ success instead of what they can’t do. This model of training allows you to both encourage and challenge clients. It creates a positive environment that creates progress and more satisfied clients.

3DMAPS also creates some benchmarks so that you and [your] clients can note improvement and success over sessions.

It’s worth mentioning that 3DMAPS offers a refreshing perspective the role that proprioception plays in muscle action. Very few of our actions are conscious, and many of the “decisions” in movement are made between the muscles...


Brandon answers many more questions about the impact of 3DMAPS in his full review, so we encourage you to check it out. In it, he'll answer:

  • What is the Gray Institute?
  • What is the Matrix?
  • Who Should Get 3DMAPS?
  • What Do We Love? 
  • Is 3DMAPS Worth the Price?
  • Why is 3DMAPS Good for Pilates?
  • How Long Does the Course Take to Complete?

Thanks to Brandon and his organization, Versus Pilates, for taking the time to share your review of 3DMAPS!