Vladimíra P.’s Story: Education From Gray Institute® Inspires a Shift in Her Movement Business

At age 43, Vladimíra P. decided to change the scope of her movement business. An athlete and movement professional, she had previously worked with adults and young people, helping enhance their movement abilities. Now, though, her focus had a new urgency: her newborn daughter had health issues and needed assistance and guidance with her development.

“On this journey, I discovered that I could improve my movement and, at the same time, my health and lifestyle,” Vladimíra says.

This revelation led her to start various education programs related to body therapies, fascia, and exercise. Vladimíra also completed a massage therapist course of study and started studying physiotherapy at a university. Then, she discovered Gray Institute.

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Vladimíra Discovers Gray Institute, 3DMAPS®, and CAFS

Vladimíra first took Gray Institute’s 3DMAPS® course, learning how to assess human motion in all three planes. She then completed a Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS), giving her an even more in-depth understanding of how the human body moves. Vladimíra says these courses were head and shoulders above any other educational resources she found.

“The education at Gray Institute is precisely organized,” Vladimíra says. “I consider this system the best of what I have taken."

However, her connection to Gray Institute didn’t end with CAFS. As she continues her movement science journey, Vladimíra relies on techniques and resources from Gray Institute to help her find the path forward. She says she especially values its extensive library of videos, now available on the Gray Institute App. These videos, case studies, and other tools include cutting-edge techniques as well as practical tips, all presented in a clear and comprehensive way.

A Focus on Sports Gives Vladimíra a Vision for the Future of Her Business

Empowered by her education from Gray Institute, Vladimíra has unfolded changes to the scope of her business. She discovered that she loves working with individuals on a one-on-one basis. Her clients aren’t athletes or other movement professionals. Instead, she helps ordinary people who enjoy sports in their free time. Many of them struggle with back and other pain, and Vladimíra helps improve their movement through the principles of massage, exercise, and functional movement.

“My idea is to enhance natural movement in people and contribute this way to improving their lives,” says Vladimíra.

She also says that the principles she learned through her training with Gray Institute continue to inform her work and help the people she serves. “My experience is that the Gray Institute program is very helpful,” Vladimíra says. “By using their body in a better way, improving the subconscious reactions, and getting more range of movement in their joints, the clients get results and are more fluid in their movement.”

Recently, Vladimíra has started to expand her pool of clients. A former curling player herself, she is especially interested in working with other curlers. She says she plans to take the golf-specific treatment and training program from Gray Institute next, since she enjoys golf and sees the sport gaining in popularity in Slovakia and throughout Europe.

Vladimíra also is using her understanding of human movement in a surprising way: language teaching! When you learn a new language, you need to train your speech organs and muscles to move in new ways. She coaches clients who struggle with clear pronunciation and speech use their trunk, neck, and head muscles to improve their communication skills in both English and German.

Vladimíra also says she hopes more people discover the life-changing power of Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science® approach to movement.

“Gray Institute… combined with practice that can be used for anybody to improve their lives,” she says. “In a natural way, you can improve your movement and the activities you do every day.”

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