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This bundle provides a solid foundation in Applied Functional Science®, and is an ideal choice for clinics and clubs aiming to standardize their approach. The educational content is perfect for training new team members, offering a common understanding, nomenclature, and principle-based tools.

Courses included in this collection:
- Functional Techniques
- Foundations
Certification: 3-Dimensional Movement Analysis & Performance System (3DMAPS®)
Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS)

Included in this Collection:

We developed Functional Techniques to provide movement professionals, like you, with a set of movements you can trust, the knowledge of when to use them, and the understanding of how they will benefit those you serve. You’ll “level up” your training, education, and outcomes as you learn several reliable, evidence-based movements. and gain a working understanding of a tool you can use to discern the purpose of movements you encounter in the future. Learn More

Foundations will bridge that gap and enhance your ability to individualize care in performance, rehabilitation, and prevention. Using story, scientific principles, and applications that can be immediately embedded into your work, Foundations will help you understand the structure and system of the three sciences that impact human movement and provide you with the information you need to apply it in real life and function. With this understanding, you'll gain the confidence you desire and the results you've always wanted for those in your care. Learn More

3DMAPS® is our foundational course on the science of human movement. It investigates human movement in three separate dimensions of evidence-based science: the physical sciences (how we interact with the physics of our world), the biological sciences (how the body moves), and the behavioral sciences (what drives human behavior). Learn More

The Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS) provides an in-depth exploration of the principles and applications of functional movement. This certification equips professionals with comprehensive strategies for assessment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. Tailored for a wide range of health and fitness professionals, CAFS offers a unique approach to understanding and applying functional techniques in various client scenarios. Learn More

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