The new Gray Institute website is more than just a cosmetic makeover; it’s an entirely new experience! The institute has always been known for its innovative educational videos, and now movement professionals like yourself can have access to an extensive library of videos, right from your computer.

Each membership level provides different resources to help you continue your movement education. Find out which level is right for you!

  • Gold – The Gold Membership is free, yes free! Anyone can sign up to have access to a variety of free weekly videos containing the latest education in Applied Functional Science.
  • Platinum – for just $15 per month you’ll get Gold access plus: Extended Content Library, Exclusive Content Channels, Client Management Software for up to 50 clients (share workouts and programs)
  • Diamond – A Diamond Membership is ideal for professionals who want it all! Diamond members have access everything from Platinum plus additional exclusive content and up to 150 clients as well as the ability to upload your own video content to the Exercise Library.
  • Corporate – Businesses and professional teams will get the most benefit from a Corporate Membership. For $45 a month, a corporate member will receive all Gray Institute resources, as well as access to private labeling and a total of 250 active client accounts.

Take a deeper look into the resources included with each membership level.

Gray Institute Video Library

So, what all is included in the video library? As a Platinum member or higher, you will have access to hundreds of cutting-edge videos featuring experts in Applied Functional Science. New videos and channels will be added on a regular basis to cater to a variety of interests. You will also be able to read new articles written by thought leaders in the movement industry.

Gray Institute Exercise Library

The Gray Institute exercise library is a one-of-a-kind tool for movement professionals. Here, you can view more than 5,900 individual movements and use the platform to build and share custom workouts for clients. View all of the benefits of the Exercise Video Library.

Sign Up Today!

Ready to take your movement education to the next level? Sign up for a Gray Institute membership today! In just minutes you can create an account and have access to the Gray Institute’s award-winning resources. To learn more about membership plans, give the institute a call at (866) 230-8300 or send an email at

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