How to Tell Your Client You Are Asking for a Consult Without Losing Their Confidence

After you’ve worked with a client for a while, their progress may seem to hit a wall. You’ve tried every tactic you can think of to help them reach their goals, but nothing seems to work. In these cases, a consultation with another movement professional can be a game-changer.

However, some trainers are reluctant to ask for a consult because they think it will damage their clients’ faith in them. At Gray Institute®, we know you need to maintain trust with your clients. Solving their problems and getting results are an essential part of that trust. In this blog, we’ll break down helpful approaches to take when telling your clients that you’re asking for a consult without losing their confidence, and how our revolutionary mobile app can help.

Tips for Telling Your Client About Requesting a Consult

Movement professionals should always be willing and open to wisdom and learning. At Gray Institute, we view consultations as an opportunity to enhance your client’s confidence rather than shake it. Guiding your client through a consultation with a respected expert, when framed positively, can reinforce your relationship and demonstrate real leadership.

Here are some of our favorite approaches to building trust and getting results when asking for a second opinion or consult.

Spend Time Building Trust Beforehand

When your clients trust you with the small things, they’ll trust you when more challenging situations arise. The following actions can encourage trust and deepen your trainer-client relationship:

  • Communication and transparency: Communication is a two-way street. You need to listen carefully to your clients and also provide them with clear and consistent information about their progress and performance.
  • Teamwork: You and your client are on a journey together. Treat them like a valued team member and trusted partner, rather than a customer.
  • Maintain your integrity: Most trainers became movement professionals because they want to help people and improve their lives. Identify your core coaching and business values and stick with them; don’t value profitability over people.
  • Vulnerability: We all make mistakes. If a workout plan isn’t working, it’s okay to acknowledge it and make changes.

When you make it clear that your priority is giving your client proper care from the beginning, they’ll be less concerned when you propose an expert consultation. In fact, they may be excited about the opportunity!

Actively Participate in the Consultation

As a movement professional, you have a unique perspective on your client’s progress and function. When you consult with an expert, you play an essential role in the consultation. For example, when you use the Gray Institute App, you can film yourself explaining your client’s strengths and challenges and what approaches you’ve already tried.

This way, you’ll remind your client how much care and thought you’ve always put into their workouts, and you’ll frame a consultation as the next logical progression in their journey.

Treat Consultations Like a Doctor’s Second Opinion

In medicine, second opinions are commonplace. Certain providers have specialized practices and expertise, and it makes sense to call them in when needed. You can approach a consult the same way. You’re simply getting a second opinion from a recognized expert to help your client achieve their goals.

Your client doesn’t have access to the resources and expertise that you have as a movement professional. However, they’re probably noticing their plateau as much as you are. If you tell them that you’re going to discuss their case with a trusted expert, they may be relieved.

Give Your Clients Space to Ask Questions

We recommend giving your clients a moment to ask questions about the consult. Being educated about your choices helps clients feel included about their treatment, and builds trust. Answer their questions with honesty and professionalism, and their confidence in you will grow.

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The Gray Institute App Makes Requesting a Consult Easy

We understand the importance of providing exceptional care while remaining the hero in your client’s eyes. That’s why the Gray Institute App offers streamlined, intuitive consultations with our leadership team. When you subscribe to our app, not only will you have access to exclusive resources, videos, and our community, but you’ll have the ability to purchase in-app video consultations with Gray Institute leadership when you need help with your toughest patients.

All you have to do is record your client as they move and provide a little history. When you send that information to us through the app, we’ll reply with feedback about potential issues and what to do next. It’s a non-invasive process that’s as simple as taking a video on your phone. Most importantly, it can ensure that your clients get the results they need.

You’ll also find that our consultations are a great value. With our flexible à la carte options, you can either purchase a package of consultation credits or pay for individual consults when you need them.

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For over 40 years, Gray Institute has been committed to empowering movement professionals to understand the truths of the human body and getting exceptional results in the gym. In addition to giving you exclusive access to Gray Institute leadership through the consultation function, our app offers physical therapists, personal trainers, and other professionals the tools they need to break through plateaus, solve problems, and connect with others. To learn more about the app, our offerings, and how to take your career to the next level, please feel free to fill out our simple online contact form.

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