When your patients experience a plateau, an outside opinion may be the best way to enhance the recovery process. Whether you’re looking for an alternative treatment plan or hoping to get someone back in the game sooner, a consultation with an expert can make all the difference. At Gray Institute®, we’re helping make these assessments easier with our revolutionary app.

Keep reading to learn why you should request a consultation for those difficult-to-treat cases and how Gray Institute is improving access to physical therapy consultations.

Requesting a Physical Therapy Consultation Benefits Both You and Your Patients

Even the most experienced PTs run into new challenges. While you can sometimes brainstorm with your co-workers and peers, other cases require another expert’s eye. At Gray Institute, we know that accessing expert opinions and consultations isn’t always an easy process. It can be time-intensive – and you may be unsure who to reach out to for help.

However, there are many reasons why a physical therapy consultation is worthwhile.

Make a Difference in Your Patients’ Lives

Requesting a consultation from an expert may result in a faster diagnosis for your patient. If your patient’s injury is keeping them from getting back in the game or back to their life, they will certainly appreciate a faster recovery regardless of where the treatment suggestion comes from.

Improve Your Process and Learn New Techniques

If you have a plan that could help your patient, but it’s invasive or time-consuming, asking for an outside opinion may provide a different solution that better suits the patient’s needs.

Consultations can also expose you to other methods and techniques, helping you grow and develop. This can help you improve future patients’ outcomes and experiences.

What Information Will a Physical Therapy Expert Need During a Consultation?

The consultants will need to understand your patient’s history before they can identify possible solutions for their condition. This initial information may include:

  • Basic information: Your patient’s age, sex, profession, activity level, and pre-existing conditions that may complicate their recovery.
  • Relevant medical data: Details about the injuring event, current diagnoses, effects on mobility or activities, and progress made since beginning therapy.
  • Treatment history: Strategies and processes you or previous therapists used to treat the patient, and any exercises prescribed.

The Future of Physical Consultations Is Virtual

Clinicians have been exploring the use of video and virtual consultations for years, since they could drastically change how medical experts interact with patients and each other. First, not every clinician can easily access physical therapy experts, especially if they live in a remote or rural area. Second, virtual consultations may be more cost-effective than face-to-face interactions. At Gray Institute, we used these ideas to develop a different approach.

Learn More: Introducing the New Gray Institute App

Consult With Our Leadership Team Through the New Gray Institute App

While in-person consultations are the norm, virtual consultations between a physical therapist and expert can be just as effective—and far more convenient. The key is communication and methodology. The Gray Institute App allows you to consult with our team, easily share initial case information, and gain world-class insight.

Rather than having to schedule a session with a specialist and taking additional time out of both you and your patient’s busy schedules to see them in person, our app allows you to start a consult whenever, wherever. You can even begin the specialist consultation process during your patient’s regular physical therapy session.

All you need to do to request a second opinion is follow the in-app prompts to upload two videos of your patient’s movements and include basic patient and condition information. All information you share is confidential and protected under HIPPA privacy rules.

Once our team has had a chance to review the initial information, they will contact you directly through the consult tab in the app with requests for specific information or suggestions for treatment. No dragging your patient to additional sessions and inconveniencing them. The Gray Institute App is both efficient and effective, and combines the virtual consultations with your in-person expertise.

In-App Consultations: An Affordable Resource, at Your Fingertips

At Gray Institute, we’re dedicated to equipping movement professionals like you with the tools and education you need to be successful. Our in-app consultations further our mission, which is why we offer affordable, à la carte pricing. You can purchase as many consultations as you need, whether it’s a single consult or help for several clients.

Try the New Gray Institute App Today

Whether you’re already a Gray Institute member or new to the Applied Functional Science® approach, Gray Institute App has something to offer. To learn more about the app and how to subscribe, you can contact us online.

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