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Emily’s Story: Embracing Intuition to Help Seniors Heal

Testimonials | Jun 18, 2020

Senior clients presented Emily with unique challenges. Gray Institute helped her overcome them.

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a CEU Course

Expert Advice | Jun 16, 2020

Not sure which physical therapy CEU course is for you? Ask yourself these four questions to find out.

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Ways Personal Trainers Can Plan More Effective Workouts

Applied Functional Science | Jun 12, 2020

Designing generic workouts is easy, but they may not help your clients reach their goals. Here’s how to plan better workouts with Applied Functional Science®.

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Functional Golf System Delivers Immediate Results: Robert’s Story

Golf | May 29, 2020

As he grew his golf-related business, Robert realized he needed to fill functional gaps in his education. That’s where Gray Institute came in.

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Angel’s Story: An Irish Dance Coach Blends Tradition With Function

Testimonials | May 27, 2020

Angel knew her Irish dance students shouldn’t get injured and stay injured. Her Gray Institute education helped them recover.

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The Gray Institute® App: Flexible Learning During Uncertain Times

Expert Advice | May 22, 2020

Our new mobile app provides easy access to at-home resources so you can continue to grow your expertise, no matter where you are in the world.

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4 Ways to Start a Personal Training Business From Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Expert Advice | May 19, 2020

As many personal trainers are feeling stranded during coronavirus quarantine, we wanted to share 4 ways to start a personal training business from home.

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Vladimíra P.’s Story: Gray Institute Inspires a Shift in Her Business

Testimonials | May 13, 2020

At age 43, Vladimíra P. decided to change the scope of her movement business. Find out how Gray Institute helped her refocus her business and learn new skills and approaches.

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Sheltering in Place? It’s Time to Take a Personal Training Course

Expert Advice | May 8, 2020

Every personal trainer should keep up their education, revisiting old ideas, and investing in new ones. Here are signs you’re ready for a supplemental class.

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Joe’s Story: A Body Coach Grows and Finds Family With Gray Institute

Testimonials | Apr 24, 2020

Joe was working as a dumbbell coach when he discovered Gray Institute. Now, he helps everyone from professional athletes to kids achieve their best.

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Online Forums Can Help Movement Professionals Grow

Expert Advice | Apr 17, 2020

Forums play an important role in personal development and connection for movement professionals. Here’s how a digital community can support your growth.

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3 Reasons 3DMAPS® Should Be Your Go-To Movement Screen

3DMAPS | Apr 10, 2020

Physical therapists need a movement analysis tool that considers mobility, stability, and all three planes of motion.

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What Personal Trainers Need to Know About Chain Reaction®

Chain Reaction | Apr 3, 2020

An understanding of the chain reactions in the human body leads to more efficient treatment and healing. Here’s what every personal trainer should know.

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How Movement Professionals Can Train Clients and Patients Remotely

Expert Advice | Mar 23, 2020

Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from providing essential training to your clients and patients. With the Remote Trainer app, you can keep your business alive.

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Physical Therapy CEUs: Why Choosing Challenging Courses Matters

Physical Therapy | Mar 10, 2020

You may be tempted to choose easy continuing education units just to fulfill the requirements. In this blog, Gray Institute makes the case for pushing a little harder.

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What Do the Best Personal Training Courses Have in Common?

Certification | Mar 1, 2020

It can be hard to know which programs are worth your time. However, the best classes have a few essential factors in common.

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