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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: What Physical Therapists Need to Know

Expert Advice | Sep 11, 2020

A third of women may suffer from a wide range of pelvic core issues that impact their health and wellness, many of which may have link to pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Colleen's Story: Pilates Instructor Finds a New Career and a Functional Approach

Functional Muscle Function | Sep 10, 2020

After nearly 30 years as a Pilates instructor, Colleen needed to change her career. Gray Institute gave her the tools she needed to pivot her approach.

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How the GIFT Fellowship Changes Careers and Lives: My Perspective After 14 Years as Its Director

GIFT | Sep 8, 2020

Doug Gray outlines the importance of the GIFT fellowship and highlights exciting changes to the program.

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I’m a Personal Trainer. Which Gray Institute® Class Is Right for Me?

Applied Functional Science | Sep 1, 2020

Are you a personal trainer wondering which Gray Institute class to enroll in first? Here’s where to start.

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Derak’s Story: Using the Free Gray Institute® App to Stay Fluid

Testimonials | Aug 25, 2020

As a GIFT fellow, Derak understands the importance of pushing yourself to grow. That’s why he chose to use the free Gray Institute app.

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Turn to Applied Functional Science® to Treat Golfer’s Elbow

Applied Functional Science | Aug 11, 2020

In this article, we outline how movement professionals can improve golf elbow exercises using Applied Functional Science and our Functional Golf System.

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How to Help Patients Increase Shoulder Range of Motion After Surgery

Shoulder | Aug 4, 2020

Traditionally, physical therapists rehabilitate shoulders in isolation from the rest of the body. However, this isn’t the best way to increase range of motion.

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Tim’s Story: Engineer Turned Martial Arts Teacher Empowers Students Through Functional Movement

Testimonials | Jul 28, 2020

Martial arts was always Tim’s passion. When he retired from engineering, he began using the truths of human movement to empower his martial arts students.

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Tobi’s Story: A Hand Therapist Takes a Functional Approach and Gets Results

Testimonials | Jul 21, 2020

A hand therapist with over 20 years of experience, Tobi sometimes struggled to identify the root of an injury. When he enrolled at Gray Institute, everything changed.

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Do You Treat Women? You Need to Understand Female Pelvic Health

Chain Reaction | Jul 14, 2020

If you treat or train women, you should understand how pelvic health impacts their lives, even if you don’t specialize in pelvic or female health.

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3 Ways Personal Trainers Can Help Golfers Improve Their Swing

Golf | Jul 7, 2020

Achieving a powerful and efficient golf swing depends on each golfer’s biomechanics, rather than a set formula. Here’s how trainers can help their clients succeed.

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Craig and Tim’s Story: Physical Therapists Solve Complex Problems With AFS

Applied Functional Science | Jul 1, 2020

Craig and Tim have over 25 years of experience using Applied Functional Science to treat the most complex biomechanical issues at their physical therapy practice.

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Emily’s Story: Embracing Intuition to Help Seniors Heal

Testimonials | Jun 18, 2020

Senior clients presented Emily with unique challenges. Gray Institute helped her overcome them.

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a CEU Course

Expert Advice | Jun 16, 2020

Not sure which physical therapy CEU course is for you? Ask yourself these four questions to find out.

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Ways Personal Trainers Can Plan More Effective Workouts

Applied Functional Science | Jun 12, 2020

Designing generic workouts is easy, but they may not help your clients reach their goals. Here’s how to plan better workouts with Applied Functional Science®.

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Functional Golf System Delivers Immediate Results: Robert’s Story

Golf | May 29, 2020

As he grew his golf-related business, Robert realized he needed to fill functional gaps in his education. That’s where Gray Institute came in.

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