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Evan's Story: Gaining Technical Mastery of Movement

GIFT | Oct 13, 2022

Joining the GIFT community: "Hands down, one of the best decisions of my life..."

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Protecting the Achilles Tendon Starts With a Chain Reaction®

Chain Reaction | Mar 2, 2022

Why is the Achilles complex such a vulnerable part of the body? There are a number of answers to that question.

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Lori’s Story: “Pearls From a PT” Uses AFS to Empower Her Patients

Testimonials | Feb 7, 2022

Lori Diamos, a veteran movement science professional, has used Gray Institute techniques for years to help her patients.

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Functional Movement Workout Essentials for Core Training

Functional Training | Feb 4, 2022

What makes a workout functional? In simple terms, the workout—the movements—look like the task you’re training for.

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GIFT: Your Movement Professional Fellowship Program

GIFT | Dec 17, 2021

Why would a physical therapist, a personal trainer, a strength coach, or anyone else in the industry, take part in GIFT? Impact.

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3 Exercises to Strengthen the Knee After an ACL Surgery

Sports Injuries | Nov 29, 2021

Understanding the dynamic anatomy of the ACL provides further insight with respect to what ultimately causes it to tear and how it heals.

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Igor’s Story: Using AFS to Rehab an Olympic Gold Medalist

Testimonials | Nov 22, 2021

By working with Igor and using AFS principles, Maria recovered enough to compete in Tokyo—and win gold.

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Looking for a Basic Fitness Assessment? 3DMAPS® Can Help

3DMAPS | Oct 21, 2021

There’s a saying in the movement industry: “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.” Stop guessing using 3DMAPS.

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Amy’s Story: Helping Moms With a Functional Approach

Testimonials | Oct 4, 2021

Amy works with moms postpartum, helping them achieve their goals and leave social media pressure behind.

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Functional Movement Assessments: How to Work with Clients Remotely

3DMAPS | Sep 21, 2021

With the right tools and knowledge, you can perform high-quality functional movement assessments from anywhere. Gray Institute can show you how.

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Running Mechanics: A Functional Guide for Movement Professionals

Running | Sep 14, 2021

When we take the time to think about its biomechanics, we realize running is a miracle. During the flight phase, humans literally fly.

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Everything’s Connected: The Movement Approach to Fascia

3DMAPS | Sep 13, 2021

Global movements increase flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. When movements are functional, a by-product is enhanced fascia mobility and function.

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3 Ways Applied Functional Science® Can Improve Your Clients’ Yoga Practice

CAFS | Aug 25, 2021

Learning how to incorporate the principles of Applied Functional Science may be the missing link to a complete, well-rounded physical practice of Yoga.

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Improve Performance Using Integrated Movement Techniques

Applied Functional Science | Aug 23, 2021

Nothing in the body exists in isolation. An integrated approach is the key to authentic movement—and success.

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Michael’s Story: Former Narcotics Cop-Turned-Physical Therapist Helps Patients Heal Through Movement

Testimonials | Aug 9, 2021

After a friend and fellow police officer was killed in the line of duty, Michael needed to switch careers. Gray Institute gave him the tools he needed to do so.

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A Functional Approach to Perfect Shoulder Turns in a Golf Swing

Golf | Jul 28, 2021

Using our Functional Golf System, we’ll explore why “shoulder turns” are so essential to the golf swing—and why you really focus on the spine.

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