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GIFT: Instruction Information & Tuition Costs

GIFT | Jul 11, 2016

Find tuition costs for GIFT (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation), Gray Institute’s 40-week mentorship in Applied Functional Science®. Learn more!

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Why Choose a Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS)?

CAFS | Jun 30, 2016

Curious about a Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)? Watch this short video from Gray Institute by Gary Gray for an inside scoop into CAFS!

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CAFS®: Strategies for Patient Treatment & Therapy

CAFS | Jun 29, 2016

Dr. Gary Gray's podcast guests include Lenny Parracino and Pat McCloskey, experts in CAFS: Certification for Applied Functional Science®. | Listen Now!

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“Simplexity” and CAFS: Certification in Applied Functional Science®

CAFS | Jun 27, 2016

Do you appreciate the complexity of body movement yet strive to make it simple for your clients or patients? Read on as Gray Institute takes on the subject!

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Triadox of Prevention, Performance, & Rehabilitation

Applied Functional Science | Jun 17, 2016

Triadox of Prevention, Performance, Rehabilitation

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Turning on Muscles With Movements

3DMAPS | Jun 16, 2016

Use the Applied Functional Science approach to create three-dimensional (3D) movements that subconsciously “teach” the body to activate the target muscles.

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Hamstring Injuries & Treatment

3DMAPS | Jun 14, 2016

Interested in Hamstring Injuries & Treatment? Find out things you didn't know when you listen to the popular podcast by Dr. Gary Gray!

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Training Success for / in Sub-Optimal Conditions

3DMAPS | May 30, 2016

Training a client? How can the next phase of training tweak the successful execution to create more robust success? Find out in Dr. Tiberio's blog!

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Reliability in Functional Testing

Applied Functional Science | May 24, 2016

We're bringing out the big artillery to talk about what we're going to be talking about today: the reliability of functional testing. Listen now!

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Functional Deficits after Menisectomy

Chain Reaction | May 23, 2016

Read this fascinating blog by Dr. David Tiberio for Gray Institute about Functional Deficits after Menisectomy.

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Podcast: Yoga Is Hard with Al Bingham

Yoga | May 17, 2016

I asked my friend who has taken yoga, "What did you like about it and what didn't you like about it?" My friend's immediate reaction was, "It was hard."

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How Physical Therapists can Fight Burnout

Applied Functional Science | May 16, 2016

All movement professions have a certain level of practitioner burnout. Discover the better way to fight burnout through individualized patient care with AFS

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Video: Do Foot Orthoses Reduce Pain?

Joints | May 12, 2016

Video: Do Foot Orthoses Reduce Pain?

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Podcast: Myth of Keeping the Knee Over the Second Toe

Applied Functional Science | May 10, 2016

"Keeping the Knee Over the Second Toe" or "Myths of Training & Rehabilitation" can be called "Things We Were Taught that Don't Make Sense Now". Listen now!

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Use Foot Orthoses to Reduce Pain in Patients & Clients

Functional Training | May 9, 2016

Research studies have provided evidence that using foot orthoses can substantially reduce musculoskeletal pain. Start using foot orthoses today.

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Video: Training the Transversus Abdominus in Isolation

Abdominals | May 5, 2016

Learn whether training the transversus abdominus in isolation is a fallacy or folly with Dr. David Tiberio, Dean of the GIFT program at Gray Institute.

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